Our Mission & Promises

About ClinicAdvisor®

What we do?

ClinicAdvisor®  was created in the mission of helping people around the world plan and book their medical treatments. Most of us find it very hard to decide on where to have a simple medical intervention performed, let alone a serious one. Whether you want to be treated in your country or travel abroad, Clinic Advisor is here to help you make the most informed decision every step of the way. Our platform contains hundreds of listings and can be used to connect with doctors and clinics and to hear recommendations of genuine reviews patients who are willing to share their experiences in our community.

Simple Process


Use ClinicAdvisor®  to choose your destination and find the highest ranked clinics around the world. Benefit from our travel section to book flights and hotels in your chosen destination.


Compare your top picks by ratings and reviews left from previous patients. 


Contact the clinics you liked and start planning your medical travel journey abroad. We are here to with you every step of the way. Contact us if you are unsure which clinic to choose.

ClinicAdvisor® Values


We believe in the principles of transparency and as such, we only list accredited medical institutions and we provide all members the ability to leave reviews that clinics cannot edit or delete. All reviews on ClinicAdvisor® are genuine and untampered with


By contacting clinics through ClinicAdvisor® , you guarantee the fastest response time from medical providers. You also guarantee a professional follow up once you have received your treatment


With ClinicAdvisor® you have access wherever you are in the world to hundreds of accredited healthcare providers at your fingertips and free of charge anytime you want.


Any information you provide the ClinicAdvisor® team is completely confidential and only shared with possible healthcare providers for the purpose of drafting you a quote. Check out our Privacy Policy for more details Contact us here: info@clinicadvisor.com