Does Hair Transplant on Scar Really Work? Here's The Answer

Does Hair Transplant on Scar Really Work? Here's The Answer

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People with a scar on their scalp or face (eyebrow and beard) suffer from lack of hair growth on these areas. So, they look for ways to conceal these scars and regrow hair.

Luckily, a hair transplant on scar is possible to cover the scars and it became one of the most demanded procedures.

But it’s also important to know that it’s not an easy operation that needs high skills and extra care. 

In this article, we will talk about how the procedure is done, what are the barriers, and who can get a hair transplant surgery on a previous scar.

Before we start let’s talk briefly about some types of scars that may or may not be concealed with a hair transplant. 

Types of Scars

Scars are marks on the skin caused by an injury and it’s the body’s way of healing the wound. They come in different shapes and structures. Some types are as follows:

  • Fine-thin scar tissue: a flattened scar that fades with time.
  • Hypertrophic scar: a thick scar that is formed due to excess production of collagen on the wound site.
  • Keloid scars: a very thick and raised scar that keeps on growing and has a darker color than the skin,

What is a Hair Transplant on Scar?

A hair transplant on scar tissue is simply implanting hair in an area where hair no longer grows. This could be caused by an injury, burns, inflammatory diseases, a birthmark or to repair a FUT hair transplant scar. 

It can be done to scars on the scalp, beard, and eyebrows.

How is a Hair Transplant on Scar Performed?

Transplanting hair on scar tissue is performed using the FUE hair transplant technique. Where hair follicles are removed from the back of the head (donor area) and implanted on the scar. 

It’s pretty much done in the same way as a regular hair transplant except that extra care and more experience are required. 

The procedure is done under local anesthesia and lasts about 1-2 hours, depending on the size of the scar and the number of grafts.

Does Hair Transplant Work on Scars?

Yes, hair transplant on scars works, but it’s important to note that this is not an easy procedure as it may seem. 

Because scars have a very limited blood supply and hair follicles need enough blood supply for hair to grow. Thus, the rate of hair growth will be slower than hair transplanted on healthy skin.  

The Density of Hair Transplant on Scars

Patients should not expect a high density on the transplanted scar. The reason for that lies in the lower blood circulation in the scar. 

But the overall results obtained are very satisfying for many people and conceal the scar in a good way. 

In some instances, two procedures may be required to obtain a good result if the blood supply was not sufficient. 

In such cases, patients first receive one session where a certain number of grafts are transplanted. After a while, when the hair starts to grow, new blood vessels will be formed in the scar allowing better chances for hair growth.  

Therefore, it’s important to go to a highly qualified doctor who has experience with such cases.

Results of Hair Transplant on Scar

Here are two of our previous patients who had burn scars on their temples right behind the eye. 

CASE (1)

CASE (2):
Their scars were flat and not thick which was good for a hair transplant. Because thick scars like keloid scars may need some injections to flatten them before performing the operation. 

The reason for that is that it’s very hard to get blood supply to thick and raised scars which lower the success and survival rate of the grafts.

Am I Suitable to Get a Hair Transplant on a Scar Tissue?

Unfortunately, not everyone who has a scar can get a hair transplant to cover it. Individuals with the following conditions are not recommended to get a hair transplant on a scar:

  • People who have inflammatory diseases. Unless it has been inactive for at least 2 years.
  • People with hypertrophic or keloid scars because of their big size.
  • People with an atrophic scar which is very thin and fine scars that cannot hold hair follicles.

To determine your suitability a consultation with your hair transplant surgeon/specialist would be highly recommended to diagnose your condition. 

Cost of Hair Transplant on Scar

Some people might think that a hair transplant on scar cost is less than a full hair transplant. This could be true for countries that charge per graft. 

But also, let’s not forget that the procedure is not simple and it’s complicated. Which requires very professional skills and precise work to obtain good results. 

Can FUT Scar be Repaired with Hair Transplant? 

The Follicular Unit Transplantation technique is known for leaving a scar behind the back. The operation involves removing a strip of tissue with the hair attached to it. 

This leaves a linear scar on the donor area which can be very visible when the hair is cut short. 

This type of scar can be covered as well by performing an FUE hair transplant technique given that the patient has enough hair in the donor area. 

The hair follicles are extracted from the donor area and implanted on the scar to cover it.

Other Non-Surgical Options to Cover a Scar

If the patient has a weak donor area or has another problem such as a thick scar, low blood supply, or inflammatory disease then Scalp Micro Pigmentation can be an option.

SMP is a pigmentation (scalp tattoo) that creates the illusion of full hair by creating dots on the scalp. So, it eventually looks like shaved hair. 

This can be a good option to conceal some small scars on the scalp. 

Does Hair Transplant Work on Scarring Alopecia?

Hair transplant on scarring alopecia is possible only if the disease is not active and won’t cause further hair loss.

Scarring alopecia: is a collection of hair loss disorders that destroy the hair follicles and cause scar tissue where hair does not grow anymore. 


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