Hair Transplant Results Month By Month: From the 1st Month to the 8th

Hair Transplant Results Month By Month: From the 1st Month to the 8th

This article will provide a comprehensive guide to the hair transplant results timeline month by month, ranging from the first month to the eighth month. We will showcase a real-life example with photos of one of our patients and provide a detailed explanation of each month's progress.

Following a hair transplant procedure, individuals may be anxious about the growth of their transplanted hair. Understanding that hair goes through several stages before achieving the final results is crucial. In the initial 3 months post-procedure, when the transplanted hair begins to shed, many people may feel concerned. However, this is a natural and essential stage of hair growth after transplantation.

It is important to note that each person's physical and health condition varies, which can affect the speed of hair growth after a procedure. To comprehend the evolution and the time required for hair growth, it is crucial to understand the hair growth cycle.

Hair Growth Cycle

The natural hair growth cycle comprises three primary stages: the Anagen growth phase, the Catagen transition, and the Telegon sleep phase. During the Anagen phase, cells divide quickly, producing new hair to replace old hair that has fallen out. Hair typically grows one centimeter every four weeks and lasts for two to seven years. During the Catagen phase, hair stops growing for two to three weeks. In the Telegon phase, the hair follicle remains inactive for up to 100 days.

In terms of the hair transplant timeline, results usually occur gradually over time. Below is a general timeline of the evolution of hair growth post-transplantation:

Hair Transplant Timeline Growth

First Three Months: During the first month, the transplanted hair usually falls out, which is a normal part of the healing process. This phase, commonly known as the Ugly Duckling phase, may last up to three months or the first 100 days post-procedure.

Third to Sixth Month: During this stage, transplanted hair starts growing, although it may appear thin and soft or broken and dry. This is a typical part of the process, and by the end of the sixth month, the transplanted hair has grown approximately 60 percent.

Sixth Month to Full Year: From the end of the sixth month to twelve months, hair transplant results should be almost final for most patients, with the transplanted hair reaching its full density per square centimeter that was targeted during the procedure. The appearance of the results varies depending on several factors, including the use of 
accelerators and growth stimulants for the transplanted hair after a hair transplant procedure.

It is important to note that the timeline for hair growth after a hair transplant varies for each person, and results may not be the same for everyone. It is crucial to be patient and follow the clinic's instructions to ensure the best possible results in the appropriate amount of time.

Hair transplant results month by month | Real-life example

Two years ago, Mark got in touch with us to learn more about hair transplant procedures and the number of grafts needed in his case.

Given that his hair loss stage was not too advanced, one session was enough to cover all the thinning areas.

 A few months later, Mark came all the way to Istanbul to have a hair transplant at our clinic. 

We implanted approximately 3900 hair grafts. This number of grafts was good enough to give him a tremendous transformation. 

The implantation mainly covered the frontal hairline and the crown area. The extracted hair grafts were distributed in a way that guarantees maximum coverage in one session. 

Hair Transplant Progress

Mark was updating us with the results of his hair transplant month by month for the whole year. 

He was very attentive to comply with the post-operative instructions to get the desired results.

In his own words, Mark says:

‘’At first, I was thinking that I might have rushed into making my decision about a hair transplant. But after 6 months passed and my newly transplanted hair was sprouting up, I knew I made the right decision”. 

Now I look exactly my age. Unlike before when people used to think I’m older and it honestly made me feel bad sometimes’’. He continues by saying:

‘’I’m very grateful to the entire team at Avrupa Hair Transplant Clinic and the care I received from them. Also, they made all the preparations easy for me by offering an all-inclusive package. Turkey hair transplant package spares you the time you would spend arranging for your hotel booking or finding someone to pick you up from the airport’’. 

Hair Transplant Month by Month: With Photos

Now let us show you Mark’s hair transplant results month by month with photos

The timeline will cover his hair growth progress from the 1st day until he completed 8 months. 
Right Before Hair Transplant  

Day of procedure-Before the hair transplantation

Day of procedure-Before the hair transplantation- the bald areas

Designing the Hairline and Grafts Distribution

A new hairline was designed very accurately and according to certain measurements to provide a natural look. 

On the top of the scalp the areas marked with (X) indicate where grafts will be transplanted and the hair density. 

Day of procedure- HaireLine Planning stage

 Day of surgery- Right after the Operation

Once the operation is finished, we cover the donor area with a bandage which is removed on the 2nd day.

Day of surgery- Right after the procedure

10 Days After Hair Transplant

As you can see after 10 days all the scabs fall out and the scalp is clean with slight redness.  Also, no scarring is visible on the donor area. 

10 days after hair transplant: Transplanted area

10 days after hair transplant- Donor area

2 Weeks After Hair Transplant 

Two weeks after the hair transplant marks the end of the hair-washing process. Now patients can wash their hair as they usually do.  The redness fades away and the col scalp's color returns normally. 

In two weeks’ time, the transplanted hair starts to come out of the scalp. However, it starts to shed by the 3rd week as it goes into a resting phase.

It is important to note that it’s very normal and no need to worry if you see your transplanted hair falling during the first 3 months. 

Two weeks post-hair transplant

1 Month After the Hair Transplant

You’ll notice from the picture below that most of the transplanted hair has fallen out. 

One month post hair transplant- Sehedding

3 Months After Hair Transplant

By the 3rd month the transplanted hair starts to grow once again and this time it won’t fall again. The hair shaft will be fine and thin but with time it gets stronger and longer.

3 months post hair transplant- Shedding continues

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5 Months After Hair Transplant 

As you can see, the hair is growing longer and getting thicker as compared to how it was the first 3 months. At this time, there are no signs that you have had a hair transplant done. 

5 months post hair transplant

6 Months After Hair Transplant 

Now we can say that Mark is almost close to reaching his desired density with 90% of his hair grown. You can barely spot bald patches in the scalp.

6 months post hair transplant- Clear results

8 Months After Hair Transplant

8 months mark the end of Mark’s hair transplant results. The hair has completely grown, and he looks younger than before.

Mark’s final comment: “Thank you for helping me to finally retrieve my self-confidence”.

8 Months after hair transplant- Almost final results

8 Months after hair transplant- Almost final results

In this video you can see Mark’s hair transplant timeline:

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