Stages of Hair Transplant Growth Timeline

Stages of Hair Transplant Growth Timeline

Hair growth after hair transplant can be a distressful period for many patients. It can be burdensome to wait to get the final hair transplant results.

Especially the first few weeks after the surgery when the newly transplanted hair starts to shed. Patients at this stage start to panic, but this is a normal cycle and there is nothing to worry about.  

Every individual has his/her own physiological structure and a different growth rate than others. 

It is not wise to expect your hair to grow at the same rate as others who had a hair transplant.

''Always remember, good things come to those who wait.'' 

Before we begin discussing the hair transplant growth timeline, it’s important to understand the hair growth cycle.   

Hair Growth Cycle 

Understanding more about how hair grows will comfort patients and make them appreciate the wait.

Hair goes through three growth phases;

  • Anagen: is the active phase in which the hair grows. The cells in this phase divide very quickly to produce a new hair shaft.

    This new hair pushes out the old hair that stopped growing which eventually falls. 

    The hair grows about 1 cm every four weeks and it stays active in this stage from 2 to 7 years.

  • Catagen: after the anagen stage, the hair enters a transitional phase (Catagen) where it stops growing. It lasts for about 2 to 3 weeks.

  • Telogen: this is the resting stage where the follicles are at rest and prepare to release the hair out. It lasts about 100 days.

Hair Transplant Growth Timeline

After a hair transplant, the newly transplanted hair will act exactly like the natural hair. That is to say, it will undergo the three hair transplant growth stages:

  • The First Two Weeks Post-Hair Transplant

    During the first week after hair transplant patients notice the appearance of scabs and blood clot. This should disappear with a proper application of hair care products and washing the hair as instructed.

    By the end of the two weeks, the transplanted hair is firmly attached to the scalp.

  • Two to Four Weeks Post-Hair Transplant

    The transplanted hair go dormant and enter a ‘sleep mode’ which results in hair shedding. This is known as the ‘’Hair Transplant Ugly Duckling Phase’’.

    Shedding of transplanted hair

    As we mentioned earlier this is a normal hair growth cycle and it will regrow again within a few months.

  • Three to Eight Months Post-Hair Transplant

    Starting from the 3rd month after hair transplant, the new hair starts to regrow. The new hair shafts will be fine, weak and light in color.

    After 8 months some patients start seeing actual results. Whereas others continue to wait a bit longer for the hair to completely grow.

  • One Year Post-Hair Transplant

    12 up to 18 months period marks the end of the hair growth cycle. The new hair continues to grow, it gets thicker and healthier.

    Now, after waiting this time you can see visible and satisfying outcomes.  


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