What is the best age to get a hair transplant done?

What is the best age to get a hair transplant done?

We understand how hard it is for you to see your hair thinning or your hairline receding at a young age. And that probably makes you think directly about resorting to hair transplant to fix this issue. But have you asked yourself is it worth to get a hair transplant at this stage? Our hair transplant expert will tell you the best age to get a hair transplant and the perfect time. 

What is the best age to consider getting a hair transplant?

This is a very broad question and it’s not wise to set an age limit because every case is different. But it’s agreed by hair restoration experts that individuals above 19 are eligible for a hair transplantation with some exceptions. 

So, what are these exceptions? Let’s delve more into the factors that affects the suitability of young people to get a hair transplant. 

Rapid Hair Loss 

Young people who are still in their early 20’s panic once they realize that their hair has started thinning. And soon they want to get a hair transplant to keep the same hair thickness. We cannot blame them since we all care about our hair. 

However, at this early stage it’s difficult for doctors to predict the pattern of hair loss and how it will progress in the future. What young individuals are not aware of is that as they get older there is a possibility that their hair loss will progress. We’ll give you an example to better clarify the idea. 

Scenario 1 

Let’s assume that a 20 years old young man who’s experiencing hair thinning only in the mid-scalp had a hair transplant. His hair loss pattern could be genetic (male pattern baldness) which means that his hair will continue falling in the future. 

Short time after the hair transplant he doesn’t see any difference and feels as if he didn’t get a hair transplant. What could be the reason?

The reason is that this young man had a rapid hair loss at the same time he had the transplant. After his newly transplanted hair flourished, the old (non-transplanted) hair was still shedding. As a result, he gets disappointed because the outcomes don’t match his expectations and the image he had in his mind.

Therefore, we recommend patients with similar hair loss patterns to wait a few years at least until they are close to 30 years old. In this case, the hair loss will be more stabilized and the surgeon could identify the pattern.

Remember that hair transplant is not a treatment to stop or prevent progressive hair loss. It is rather a treatment to restore the lost hair.

Receding hairline or maturing hairline 

Another factor that tells the best age to get a hair transplant is the hairline. As we get older the anatomy of the face changes and evolves including the hairline. The evolution of the hairline is called maturation and it happens between 17-28 years old.   

There is a difference between a receding hairline as a result of male pattern baldness and a maturing hairline. The hairline you had when you were young is not the same as you get older as it matures. This cannot be associated with baldness or the urge to get a hair transplant. 

Let’s give another example.

Scenario 2

Imagine a 20 years old patient who thinks his hairline is receding and for that he got a hair transplant. Years later, he realizes that his new hairline and temples are still receding, and his forehead is getting bigger. 

Now, he feels like he needs another hair transplant to restore and reduce the size of his hairline. He could have avoided this additional cost by listening to hair transplant surgeons who advised him not to hurry. 

Expectations Set by Young People

Young patients are very ambitious and sometimes could have unrealistic expectations about the final appearance. Sometimes they ask surgeons to make their hair look like a certain actor or a famous icon. Not bearing in mind that every person has a different facial structure and features that make them unique from others.

It could be a hard task to convince this group of people that they’re not ideal for hair transplant. For this, we recommend everyone to research more about who is good for a hair transplant and what to expect afterwards. 


Before making up your mind consult with your doctor about the best age to get a hair transplant. And make sure to speak with an experienced and sincere doctor who will clarify and share all the facts with you.


1. When is the best time to get a hair transplant?

When your hair loss pattern is in a stage that can be identified by a hair transplant surgeon as stable and you are above 19 years old. Please read this article to learn more about the best age to get a hair transplant.

2. I’m 20 years old and I suffer from male pattern baldness, can I get a hair transplant?

Some patients experience hair loss and advanced stages of baldness at a young age which requires an intervention. Hair transplant in this case is their way to gain back their hair.

3. Is it better to get a hair transplant early?

The answer to this question will be subjective to each case and the stage of hair loss. If you’re suffering from hair thinning and you’re younger than 25 then it’s better to wait till the rapid hair loss eases off. On the other hand, if you’re below 25 years old and already losing your hair and suffering from baldness then it’s better to get a hair transplant. After all, don’t forget to consult with your doctor about the best options for you.

4. If I get a hair transplant in my 20’s will I get another one in the future?

If you fit scenario 1 which we mentioned above in this article, you have to prepare yourself for another hair transplant. However, this doesn’t apply to everyone because some young men can experience advanced baldness at an early age.

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