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BeauCare Clinic
Rated 3/5 (2 Reviews)
Rated 3/5 (10 Google Reviews)

The BeauCare Clinic is a private clinic dedicated to cosmetic and plastic surgery in the Brussels region of Machelen. It offers the highest-quality  of

Zaventem, Vlaanderen, 1930, Belgium

BHR Clinic
Rated 3.9/5 (17 Google Reviews)

Friendly environment is a primary factor in the success of hair transplant, which is something that BHR Clinic takes a great care of. The clinic also provides

Sint-Gillis, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, 1060, Belgium

Clinique de l'Observatoire
Rated 4.2/5 (57 Google Reviews)

Clinique de l'Observatoire is a cosmetic clinic that provides a wide range of medical services including hair transplant. The clinic contains top surgeons

Ukkel, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, 1180, Belgium

Dental Clinic by Prodental
Rated 4.9/5 (65 Google Reviews)

Dental clinic by Prodental is a unique dental clinic concept, offering a high quality services to its patients. The clinic is combining the performance of

Anderlecht, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, 1070, Belgium

Dr. Feriduni Clinic
Rated 4.5/5 (17 Google Reviews)

It is believed that a “detailed-oriented” surgeon is a defining element that separates good hair transplant results from great ones. What Dr.

Hasselt, Vlaanderen, 3500, Belgium

Louise Medical Center
Rated 4.1/5 (924 Google Reviews)

The Louise Medical Center is now one of the largest private medical structures in the Brussels Capital Region, bringing together under one roof a multidisciplinary

Bruxelles, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium

Medikemos Clinic
Rated 4.4/5 (20 Google Reviews)

When it comes to hair transplant, precise attention and good care are two qualities that define the excellence of the procedure. If you are looking for that

Ukkel, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, 1180, Belgium

Meiser Dental Center
Rated 2.3/5 (295 Google Reviews)

Meiser Dental Center is the first and only dental center in Belgium that opens its doors 24/7 to welcome patients for dental emergencies. The center is able

Schaarbeek, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, 1030, Belgium

Ophtara Medical Center
Rated 3.8/5 (118 Google Reviews)

Ophtara is a medical center, an ophthalmology center and aesthetic center located in Brussels that brings together specialists from different disciplines.

Bruxelles, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium

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