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Coronavirus: What is the difference between Social Distancing, Self Quarantine and Isolation?

Coronavirus: What is the difference between Social Distancing, Self Quarantine and Isolation?

Due to the recent Covid-19 or Coronavirus global outbreak we have been hearing medical professionals and experts give us all sorts of advice that help us protect ourselves and our communities. The most basic ones have been keeping good hygiene and avoiding contact with people displaying flu-like symptoms. However, as the virus has been declared as a global pandemic by the WHO and the consistent rise in affected cases, measures have been made stricter. So what do these terms mean?


Social Distancing:

Many of us have been disappointed to hear that our favorite music festival, sports tournament or flights have been canceled. And while that is extremely inconvenient and annoying, it is the right call. At the first stage of the virus outbreak these cancellations are the only way that can help slow down the spread. As such, Social distancing is deliberately creating physical space between groups of people to control the virus and avoid overwhelming our healthcare systems.

Social distancing may include:

  • Closing schools and universities
  • Canceling large gatherings such as sports events and music festivals
  • Working from home if possible
  • Canceling planned events and large meetings such conferences, weddings and exhibitions
  • Staying in contact with friends & family via social media instead of physical meetings

Self Quarantine:

Self Quarantine on the other hand, is when you think you might have been exposed to an infected person or have returned from travel in a place where the Covid-19 outbreak is rampant. Healthcare professionals usually ask for a 14 day self quarantine period, as they believe it gives the virus enough time to manifest itself should it have been transmitted to you. While on self-quarantine you can stay at home but:

  • Spend 14 days at home
  • Stay around 2 meters from people in your household
  • Do not have visitors
  • Do not share towels or utensils
  • Practice good hygiene by washing your hands frequently for 20 seconds with soap


Isolation medically refers to keeping a person who is confirmed to have been infected with a contagious illness from having any contact with other people who do not have the illness. In normal circumstances, this happens in a medical or healthcare facility. But as the numbers are overwhelming with the new coronavirus for the hospitals to handle everyone, isolation may be done at home. Healthcare professionals need to wear special personal protective equipment when in proximity with the patient in isolation.

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