FUE Hair Transplant Results : my real story with photos

FUE Hair Transplant Results : my real story with photos

We are here today with new Fue hair transplant results. Featured are 10 hair transplant cases with their results before and after. 

For the first case the patient himself will be narrating his entire experience from the beginning till the end. As for the rest we will display several before and after photos with some details about the surgery. 

We’ll leave you now with the details.

CASE #1 

FUE Hair Transplant Results: A Step-by-Step Story

My name is Paul 33 years old from France. Today, I’ll be sharing with you my hair transplant results for the first time.

As I recall, my suffering with hair loss started after I graduated from college. 

Normally, when people suffer from hair loss or baldness it begins by having a receding hairline and temples. Surprisingly, my case was different than other people that I know. 

My hair started thinning from the crown region moving all the way to the front areas!! But I lost more hair on the front and mid-scalp regions.

Of course, baldness didn’t happen overnight. It took quite a long time until I reached to this advanced level of baldness which you’ll see in my pictures below.

Since I was a fresh graduate, I still didn’t have the ability to afford the cost of FUE hair transplant in Europe. Thus, I decided to start saving. 

But as I waited my condition was worsening. So, I started looking for affordable hair transplants abroad.

Having Turkish roots, the first country that crossed my mind was the land of my ancestors.

Yes! You guessed right, Turkey.

The Reason I Selected Turkey for My Hair Transplant

For the last 15 years, Turkey became a hot spot for hair transplant. The high success rate of fue hair transplant results encouraged me to consider having the surgery there. 

However, I spent almost 7 months closely observing the work of Turkish hair transplant surgeons. 

Don’t be shocked. Some people spend a year to find their right match.

Seeing many bad fue hair transplant results make you more cautious when selecting your destination.

After searching online, I made a list of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey to choose from.

Finally, in 2017, I made my decision and selected Avrupa Hair Transplant clinic to do my hair transplant at. 

I felt comfortable with my decision after I’ve seen their great work and the positive reviews by their previous patients

Flying to Turkey for an FUE Hair Transplant 

In summer 2017, I booked my flight after coordinating with the patient representative working at the clinic. The coordinator was very helpful and responsive to all my questions.

They guided me through all the steps before I even arrived and that increased my trust in them.

My entire visit was planned for 4 days only. 3 days were devoted to the surgery and the check-ups after the surgery.

The 1st day when I arrived in Istanbul, I found the driver waiting for me at the airport. He dropped me off at the hospital for the blood tests and then back to the hotel.

After I rested at the hotel, the patient coordinator informed me about the time of the operation. 

The 2nd day at 8:00 a.m. I was ready to be picked up to the hospital. 

I must confess that I was a bit nervous. 

But once I arrived at the clinic and met with the doctor, all my fears were gone.

Hair Examination Before FUE Hair Transplant

Before starting the operation, I sat with the doctor to discuss the outcomes and how the results will be after the surgery. He gave me an overview of the entire surgery and examined my hair condition. 

He confirmed that I would need 2 sessions to entirely cover the balding areas. 

I already had an idea about the number of sessions I would need when I contacted them on  Whats App. 

He also showed me some similar cases they previously performed. I was impressed by how their appearance really changed and this actually made me forget about all the stress.

The operation started at 9:00 a.m. sharp and finished around 3:30 p.m. 

I remember most of the time I would either be sleeping or playing with my phone and watching T.V.

During the operation, I was given a lunch break to eat a light snack. After the operation was done, I was taken to another room to get dressed and take some medications. 

The 2 Days after My Hair Transplant Operation

The following day after the operation, I came to the clinic to remove the bandage on my head. It was a quick visit; it didn’t take more than 5 minutes.

The 3rd day was my last visit to the clinic. I went to wash and clean my hair.

After they finished washing my hair, the medical staff gave me some instructions and showed me how to wash my hair.

I bid farewell to everyone at the clinic and then I was taken to the airport.

Now, I’m back home waiting for the results to appear. 

Patience is a virtue…

FUE Hair Transplant Results Timeline

You must put in mind that the newly transplanted hair will take time to grow. You need to wait at least 5-6 months to see the initial results. 

I was told by the clinic that the results could take up to 9 months or even 12 months to be visible. They explained to me the entire hair growth process and that the hair will start falling out during the first 2 months. 

Have a look at FUE hair transplant results timeline

At this point I was disappointed, but they reassured me that this is completely normal, and the hair will grow back again by the 3rd month.

During the 3rd and 4th months after hair transplant I didn’t notice a big difference. The hair was growing slowly, and the hair shafts were thin. 

By the 6-month-mark I can say that I started seeing evident change. I was very lucky that my results didn’t take too long to appear. 

And although I was told that I need two sessions I was amazed by the 1st session results. 

At 8-month mark my newly transplanted hair was fully  grown, and I became the happiest man on earth.

Photos of My FUE Hair Transplant Before and After

Before Hair Transplant 

Hairline Design



 Check Out This Case Study: FUE hair transplant results after 6 months

Immediately after the operation finished

2 days after hair transplant - washing the hair


FUE Hair Transplant Results after 8 Months


Maximum hair density 


After Hair Transplant - Side View

 A Final Comparison before and after Hair Transplant

Before and After Hair Transplant

CASE #2 

  • Number of grafts implanted: 4100 hair grafts
  • Operation date: 2018

 Want to see how it looks from the top? Click here for the full gallery

 CASE #3

  • Number of grafts implanted: 5000 hair grafts
  • Operation date: 2018

Mega session FUE hair transplant

More photos on Mega session results

 CASE #4 

  • Transplant Type: Beard transplant
  • Number of grafts implanted: 3600 hair grafts
  • Operation date: 2016

Interested in seeing his full experience? Click Here 


  • Number of grafts implanted: 3877 hair grafts
  • Operation date: 2018

Partially shaved hair transplant

Click here to view his condition before hair transplant


  • Number of grafts implanted: 4350 hair grafts
  • Operation date: 2016

You'll find more photos for this patient Here


  • Number of grafts implanted: 3200 hair grafts
  • Operation date: January 2020

This patient got unbelievable results in less than 6 months. 
If you're curious to see his case details PRESS HERE

 CASE #8

  • Number of grafts implanted: 3200 hair grafts
  • Operation date: 2010

10 years post hair transplant

Want to see the rest of his photos? Yes, take me there!

 CASE #9

  • Number of grafts implanted: 5500 hair grafts (Mega session)
  • Operation date: 2019

Take a look at more photos of the hairline 

CASE #10

  • Number of grafts implanted: 4500 hair grafts
  • Operation date: 2018

More Before & After Photos

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