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Hair Loss Consultation: is it time to see a doctor?

Hair Loss Consultation: is it time to see a doctor?

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    Hair Loss Consultation

    Some of the most common problems encountered by dermatologists is hair loss (alopecia), dandruff (harmless and common disease producing thin slivers of dead skin) or psoriasis of the scalp, which is a common condition that can affect the skin, hair, nails.

    Hair problems: men and women, what are the differences?

    Although more women consult doctors, it is men who are most affected by alopecia. Baldness is common place and if it is hereditary, it can affect 20% of men at 20 years and 50% of men at 50 years.

    Baldness ages prematurely when it occurs at a young and people hardly accept it as it can interfere on a personal level. In this case, it is important to consult a specialist.

    Consult a dermatologist! Alarming signs to do a hair loss consultation

    First of all, the best person to consult for hair problems is the dermatologist. There are also specialized centers that deal exclusively with hair loss issues and hair transplants.

    With regard to baldness, there are several stages and it is important for the treatments to be effective and the problem is treated in time. That is to say, at the beginning stage (the scalp is noticed discreetly at the top of the skull, the hair is thinner and sometimes lighter). Whereas at the moderate stage (tonsure visible at the top of the skull, a small area 3 to 8 cm in diameter that develops over several months or even a few years).

    If you lose your hair, it is important first to measure the loss before consulting. In spring and autumn, it is not uncommon to lose a hundred hairs a day. No worries so if you find them on your hair brush or after shampooing, don’t panic. However, if you find a lot more hair on your pillow and on your clothes, it is better to make an appointment of a hair loss consultations. 

    Dermatological treatments that work for hair loss:

    For baldness, there are two main treatments:

    1. The first is a minoxidil lotion to apply for 3 months morning and evening then to continue if it works. 

    2. The second is finasteride (whose commercial name is Propecia ©), it is taken in tablets. With Propecia, it can slow hair loss and stabilize it in 80% of people, provided that it is beginner or moderate falls affecting men between 18 and 42 years. 

    When the stage is more advanced, and the scalp is smooth, medical treatments are not effective. If baldness is a problem, consider a hair transplant

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