hair transplant before and after results : 15 real cases with pictures

hair transplant before and after results : 15 real cases with pictures

In this blog post we have compiled a total of 15 real and untouched hair transplant results

First, we’ll start with a detailed patient experience .

The patient’s story will include his experience with baldness. How it affected his life and what approaches he took to restore his hair back.

We're sharing his experience today to give you a better understanding of how hair transplant reflects positively on individuals with baldness

So, let’s get started with the first case.

Hair Transplant Before and After Cases

CASE (1)

Daniel a 35-years-old man is telling us his hair transplant experience in details.

The following is what the patient says himself:

“Hair loss and baldness is not an easy thing to deal with”. 

“When I started losing my hair in my twenties. It was a very bothering issue”.

“Later I tried so many shampoos that supposedly meant to treat and stop hair loss but none of them worked. I also went to a hair specialist to diagnose my case and identify the cause of my hair loss”.

“The doctor said I have a vitamin deficiency and prescribed a long list of medications. I continued using the medications for 6 months but there was no progress”.

“At some point, I started losing hope and tried to convince myself that it might be my destiny,
 to be bald at a young age”.

“But looking at hair transplant before and after photos I came to understand that treatments with shampoos could achieve nothing”.

The Right Treatment for Baldness

He continues explaining:

“Several years later, when half of my scalp became bald, I decided to search again for a permanent treatment”. 

“I had confidence in the medical advancements and that there must be a solution”.

“Actually, I was right, because I finally found the solution to my problem”

“A hair transplant surgery”. 

“I thought to myself that the journey to regain my hair will happen soon. But I never thought I’d face another challenge and that is finding the right place”.

“I was looking for an experienced yet affordable hair transplant clinic. 

“After doing my research I was bewildered between two countries: Turkey and India”. 

“Both countries offer affordable hair transplant costs within my capabilities. However, Turkey outperforms India with the high hair transplant success rates, and the skillful surgeons”.

“I was more inclined towards getting my hair transplant in Turkey because I saw a big number of successful and real hair transplant results. But still, I had to consult some friends for a final decision”. and not not forget,

“The hair transplant cost in Turkey was to me the most affordable compared to the other popular destinations”.

“After discussing both the pros and cons of hair transplant in Turkey and India with friends,
 I decided on doing it in Turkey”. 

“Now, it is time to choose the best clinic which also wasn’t an easy task. Because Turkey itself has hundreds of hair transplant clinics”. 

Selecting the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

The patient continues explaining saying that:

“With a bit more research to find the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey. I ended up contacting with one of the oldest and first hair transplant clinics in Istanbul Avrupa Hair Transplant clinic”.

“I liked how professional they are in their work and the quality of their results after hair transplant”. 

“They had what I was exactly looking for: proficiency and good price”.

“They had good communication services and they took care of all the arrangements before I arrived in Istanbul”.

Day of Hair Transplant Surgery 

“The next day after I arrived in Istanbul, I came to the clinic and met with the hair transplant specialist”. 

“He was very friendly and gentle. He explained to me all the steps of the procedure and we agreed on transplanting 3600 hair grafts”.

“Later he told me my donor area was very good and the hair follicles are healthy. Which means I will have the most perfect FUE hair transplant results”.

“The focus was on transplanting the frontal forelock with high density by using single hair grafts to give a natural look”.

“Normally, after the operation day, the clinic will take care of removing the head bandage and wash the hair”.

Finally, the patient says: 

“I would like to mention that the hair transplant surgery wasn’t as scary as I thought. It went very smooth and I could barely feel any pain or discomfort”. 

Post Hair Transplant 

3 days post hair transplant the patient's face was swollen when he woke up in the morning. But we assured him that this is normal, and it will disappear within a few days. We advised him to use ice compresses to help reduce the swelling.

He was impatiently waiting for his results. After 12 months he was very satisfied and happy with his new looks.

Here we are sharing with you his hair transplant results before and after the surgery. You can see how he changed dramatically in a natural and positive manner:

Before Hair Transplant: Frontal Area

Mid-scalp Balding

 Natural Hairline Design

1 year later

Top view

Side view

Total recovery of the donor area

CASE (2): 4000 Grafts Hair Transplant 

For more details on his operation follow the link below
Click Here 

CASE (3): 3200 Grafts Dense Packing Hair Transplant

View more before and after photos 

CASE (4): Hair Transplant Before and After 10 Years

Hair Transplant After 10 YEARS 
See the case in details

CASE (5): 4300 Grafts Hair Transplant

Show me more before and after photos

CASE (6): 4700 Grafts Hair Transplant

Don't hesitate to click on the button below to see his tremendous change
Results after 8 Months

CASE (7): 4150 Grafts Hair Transplant

View more photos

CASE (8): 4500 Grafts Hair Transplant

Click on this tab to see his results 

CASE (9): DHI Hair Transplant Results

To see the hair density from different directions
Click Here

CASE (10): 4390 Grafts Hair Transplant

View more photos

CASE (11): 4900 Grafts Mega Session Hair Transplant

For a complete result timeline Watch this video 

CASE (12): 3800 Grafts Results

 Take a look at more photos from different directions

CASE (13): 4500 Grafts Hair Transplant

You'll find more photos of this patient in here

CASE (14): 4550 Grafts Hair Transplant Results

Want to see how his hair looks from the top?  visit this page

CASE (15): Hair Transplant Before and After 3950 Grafts

For extra photos after his hair transplant Tap Here

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