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Health Tourism in Turkey: Consistently on the Rise

Health Tourism in Turkey: Consistently on the Rise

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    Health Tourism in Turkey: Consistently on the Rise

    As a coveted destination worldwide for the health services it provides, Turkey plans to welcome more than 800,000 foreign patients and reach $ 8 billion in revenue for the year 2019 alone.

    On the occasion of Tourism Week, Emin Cakmak, President of the Turkish Health Tourism Development Council, shared with Anadolu (AA) his observations on developments in medical tourism.

    Indicating that medical tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in the last decade, Cakmak highlighted the sector's high contribution to the country's economy.

    To concretize his point, Mr. Cakmak said that a tourist who arrives in Turkey to enjoy the sea, the beach and the sun spend about 650 dollars during his stay.

    "In 2016, we welcomed 751 thousand tourists against 765 thousand in 2017, he said. The average per capita expenditure of these health tourists was more than 9 thousand dollars. Medical tourism's share of the economy is $ 7.2 billion. "

    He adds that medical tourism is not just about medicine.

    "Spa & Wellness, spa tourism, retirement age tourism, barrier-free tourism, healthy nutrition and advanced active living are the segments of health tourism," continued Cakmak. While mass tourism has been rapidly affected by all kinds of events, medical tourism has increased in 2015, 2016 and 2017, even in difficult times. The future of health tourism is brilliant. Thanks to the investments made, public hospitals have been equipped with infrastructures designed to accommodate foreign patients ".

    He also shared his expectations for the future. he said that Turkey, thanks to investments but also its experience, will grow more each year and will welcome 2 million tourists by 2023.

    "We will reach $ 20 billion in revenue well before 2023," he said.

    The president agrees that new hospitals will increase the number of reception capacities by two or three. A necessity in view of the difficulties currently encountered.

    "Private hospitals are no longer able to accommodate new patients," he said. We do not have enough places in istanbul (North West), Ankara (Center) Antalya (South) and izmir (West Coast). Our operating theaters and our rooms for foreign patients are full, "he says, emphasizing the importance of opening new hospitals.

    This year about 810 thousand tourists are expected, said the president, which is equivalent to $ 8 billion in revenue or $ 9 to 10 thousand dollars per person.

    In ten years the number of hospitals licensed to perform transplants has increased significantly in the country, so that the fields of transplantation have diversified.

    "With technology and investments, the Ministry of Health has accredited hospitals involved in liver transplantation, stem cell transplantation and bone marrow transplantation," he said. As the capacity of foreign patients increases, our incomes rise. This is particularly the case when we receive fairly important cases (...). Our goal is to take care of heavy cases, like cancer, surgery and transplant cases. "

    - 100 thousand tourists a year for hair transplant in Turkey

    Cakmak said that Turkey welcomes up to 100 thousand tourists a year as part of the hair transplant. he adds that the country is one of the best destinations at this level.

    Finally, the health services sought by tourists vary according to the region from which they come, explains Cakmak.

    "The Gulf region promotes hair transplantation and aesthetics, Europeans choose aesthetics, dental and eye care and most countries from the Balkans to Mongolia come for serious cases such as oncology and transplantation , he said. We receive patients from Africa as part of chemotherapy treatment. Patients from Australia, New Zealand and the Scandinavian countries prefer Turkey for the treatment of dermatological diseases. "

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