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How Do I Know My Hair Type?

How Do I Know My Hair Type?

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    How do I know what my hair type is?

    Rated from 1A to 4C, different hair types define the routine and hair care your hair specifically needs. 

    Straight, curly, thick, frizzy... How do you define your hair type? 

    We will explain everything to you in this post: 


    1. Straight hair

    2. Wavy hair

    3. Curly/frizzy hair

    4. Frizzy hair

    Because each hair is unique, it is important to know your hair type precisely in order to provide it with the appropriate care and take care of it as well as possible. 

    While it is easy to differentiate between straight, wavy, curly, and frizzy hair, there is a more detailed classification, developed by American André Walker, a well-known hair stylist who works with many celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama. 

    He created a hair type classification, which takes into account two criteria, symbolized by a number and a letter. 

    Hair Type Classifications 

    Each number, from 1 to 4, identifies the type of hair, while the letter designates the characteristics and subtypes of hair.

    Type 1: straight hair

    Type 1 hair is classified into 3 categories labeled 1A, 1B, and 1C.

    Type 1 Hair - Straight Hair

    Type 1A: Fine hair

    This type of hair is fine hair that detangles easily. The hair that falls under this category is difficult to curl because it doesn't hold the waves.

    Type 1B:  A mix of thin and thick hair

    Between fine and thick hair, it offers more hold and easier styling than the hair of the previous type.

    Type 1C: Thick hair

    It is thick hair and is resistant to curls due to its weight. This hair type is shinier because of the sebum produced at the roots, which can go down to the ends.

    Type 2: Wavy hair

    Type 2 hair is known as wavy hair and its classified into 3 categories 2A, 2B, and 2C.

    Type 2 Hair - Wavy Hair

    Type 2A: Light waves

    It is fine hair, with a slight S-shaped wave on the lengths. Similar to an understated wavy; however, the hair shows little volume.

    Type 2B: volume waves

    The hair displays more pronounced waves, in the shape of an S, with a present volume. Those with type 2B hair may have slight frizz on the scalp.

    Type 2C: Thick and voluminous hair

    It is quite thick and has very voluminous hair. People with type 2C hair flaunt well-defined S-shaped curls.

    Type 3: Curly/frizzy hair

    When talking about Type 3 hair we actually mean curly hair. Type 3 hair is classified into 3 further types 3A, 3B, and 3C.

    Type 3 Hair - Curly Hair

    Type 3A: Wide loops

    Type 3A hair showcases wide curls, this hair is shiny. In this category, it is the most hydrated and heaviest hair, which explains the slight loss of definition of the curls on the lengths. 

    The root can sometimes be stiff due to the weight of the mane.

    Type 3B: Defined loops

    The hair features well-defined S-shaped curls, starting right at the roots. The curls are tighter and more voluminous than the previous type.

    Type 3C: Tight curls

    This type of hair is very recognizable thanks to its very tight little curls that form from the root of the hair. Close to type 4, this hair is very voluminous.

    Type 4: Frizzy/Kinky hair

    Type 4 hair is referred to as Afro hair or kinky hair and it's classified into 3 types 4A, 4B, and 4C.

    Type 4 Hair - Afro/Kinky hair

    Type 4A: Frizzy spiral hair

    It is hair that has very tight curls, forming small spirals. Well curled from the root, the hair is voluminous, with a slightly defined shape.

    Type 4B: Fine frizzy hair

    The hair is well-coiled and defined in an S-shape. It is fine and often fragile.

    Type 4C: Frizzy hair in a Z shape

    This time around, the hair isn't in an S, but a Z, and doesn't really show any visible curls. In this category, it is the finest and most fragile hair. They may look heavy, but are actually very brittle, which is why you have to take great care of them!

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