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Minoxidil for Beard Growth

Minoxidil for Beard Growth

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In the previous article, we talked in detail about Minoxidil and its different types. In today’s article, we will talk about minoxidil for beard growth, since the beard is one of the areas that benefit from this treatment in making hair grow thicker. However, it is important to note that Minoxidil is only approved by the FDA for the treatment of a specific part of the scalp called the Vertex( which is at the top of your head). But is not known to help or tested and approved by the FDA for use on the beard.


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What is Minoxidil for Beard Growth?

Some men suffer from slow hair growth or sudden hair loss in the beard area, which causes some visible patches. As a result, some people use Minoxidil for their beard to help grow hair and increase its density. 

This treatment - which comes in the form of liquid spray or foam - contains the active ingredient minoxidil. 

Minoxidil as a treatment for hair loss on the scalp is approved by the FDA for only the vertex area (top of the head), and it is mainly considered a vasodilator. It works by expanding blood vessels and allows the flow of blood loaded with oxygen and other nutrients that the follicles need.

It is also believed that it has an effect on hair growth phases. Where it extends the Anagen phase (active hair growth) and shortens the Telogen phase (the resting phase). Thus, it stimulates hair follicles and accelerates hair growth.

Moreover, Minoxidil is used after a hair transplant to stimulate and accelerate the growth of the newly transplanted hair in the beard.

What Is the Best Concentration of Minoxidil to Grow Beard?

Minoxidil dosage for beard growth varies according to the physician’s recommendations and your condition as well. Your physician may advise you to use Minoxidil 5 or 2. 

The difference between Minoxidil 5% and Minoxidil 2% is in the concentration of the active ingredient. 

For example, for some people who suffer from Alopecia Areata, it is better to use Minoxidil 5 to give them a good result and to cover all the gaps. For mild cases that do not require a high concentration of minoxidil, the physician may recommend Minoxidil 2.

However, the use of Minoxidil for the beard is not yet approved by the FDA, although some people claim that it helped make their beard denser. 

Also, there aren't enough studies conducted that prove the effectiveness of using Minoxidil for the beard. 

There is only one study published by the Journal of Dermatology in 2016 which found that a Minoxidil 3% lotion had a slightly better result than the placebo. 

Thus, before using Minoxidil for your beard we strongly recommend consulting with your doctor and discussing all your concerns. 

Difference between Minoxidil 5% and 2% for Beard Growth

Minoxidil comes in two concentrations 5% and 2% which are both FDA-approved for the treatment of Male and Female Pattern Baldness. 

The FDA approved the use of 5% minoxidil for the scalp (twice a day) for men. While they recommend women to use the 2% concentration twice a day.

5% minoxidil is not approved to be used by women as it can increase hair growth in unwanted areas. Other side effects are still unclear. 

Although some women apply minoxidil 5% as an off-label usage it’s better to consult a dermatologist. 

Coming to the differences between minoxidil 5% and 2% for beard growth, men may use 5% twice daily without having any problems as stated by dermatologists. It actually helps in increasing hair growth relatively faster than 2%. 

However, minoxidil 2 for beard growth can be used when men are about to gradually reduce the dosage. 

Are Minoxidil Beard Gains Permanent?

Some people wonder if the results of minoxidil for beard growth are permanent. The short answer that you will hear from everyone is that Minoxidil is effective as long as you use it. 

Minoxidil is not a permanent solution to hair loss. It only works to prevent hair loss and grow back the hair for existing hair follicles. But it does not grow new hair in areas where follicles do not exist. 

However, one of the important things to put in mind is that you need to continue using it for a period of time to maintain results. 

Dermatologists and hair loss experts also don’t recommend stopping the treatment suddenly. People should adhere to the instructions given by their doctors and when they want to discontinue using it, they should do that gradually. This way they will maintain the results and hair growth.

How to use Minoxidil for Beard Growth?

Before starting to use minoxidil on the beard, a sensitivity test should be done by applying it to a small area of the beard. Then observe for any allergic reaction. If severe redness is not observed in the area, you may start using it.

Now let’s talk about how to apply minoxidil for beard growth:

  • Your face should be washed very well and dried before using the spray.
  • Apply 8 sprays (equivalent to 1 ml) a few centimeters away from the face.
  • Avoid areas where you don’t want hair to grow.
  • Avoid spraying near the mouth, nose, and eyes.
  • Massage the beard in a circular motion until the treatment is fully absorbed by the skin.
  • Leave it on the skin for 4 hours and then wash it off.
  • The skin should be moisturized after using it to avoid dryness.
  • Use it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening before bed.

What are the Benefits of Using Minoxidil for the Beard?

The benefits of Minoxidil to grow a beard are summarized as follows:

  • Makes the beard thicker and fills in any patches and gaps.
  • Helps grow the hair lost due to Alopecia Barbae which is Alopecia Areata that affects the beard.
  • Accelerates slow hair growth in the beard area.
  • It helps in accelerating hair growth after a beard transplant.

Minoxidil For Beard Side Effects

These are some common side effects of Minoxidil for beards such as:

  • Dry skin, so you must moisturize constantly.
  • Itching and burning feelings when applying the treatment.
  • The appearance of crusts due to dry skin.
  • Irritation and redness.

On the other hand, there are some uncommon side effects such as:

  • Dizziness and headache.
  • feeling sick
  • Swelling of the hands or feet.
  • Breathing difficulties.

When you notice any of these symptoms, you should stop using the product immediately and consult a doctor.

Who is Not Suitable to Use Minoxidil for Beard Growth?

There are some cases that are not suitable to use Minoxidil on the beard. Among those cases:

  • People who have heart problems and blood pressure.
  • Those under the age of 18 and over 60 years old.
  • People who do not grow beard hair at all. The solution for these people is to do a beard transplant.

How Much Does Minoxidil for Beard Cost?

The price of Minoxidil for beard growth is considered reasonable, especially when you get a 3 to a 6-month supply. 

The price ranges between $17-$60 depending on the brand, month supply, and the form (either foam or topical solution). Foam is usually higher in price than topical solution.

Which Minoxidil Brand is Best for Beard Growth?

There are many brands in the market that sell Minoxidil solutions and foam. However, it’s better to either get the one that your doctor has prescribed for you. 

Or if you will buy it without a doctor’s prescription, then we advise you to get one that is FDA-approved for its manufacturing unit and follows GMP standards.   

The following are some of the most reliable and best-selling brands that have high reviews:

Rogaine Foam 5% Minoxidil | 20,536 Ratings on Amazon

Was $54.00 
Now $44.97 
3-Month Supply

Rogaine Topical Solution 5% Minoxidil | 8,093 Ratings on Amazon 

Was $52.99
Now $46.99 
3-Month Supply

Kirkland Topical Solution 5 Minoxidil | 8,598 Ratings on Amazon

3-Month Supply

Kirkland Foam 5% Minoxidil | 1,053 Ratings on Amazon

6-Month Supply

Keeps Topical Solution 5% Minoxidil | 28 Ratings on Amazon 

3-Month Supply 

Keeps Foam 5% Minoxidil | 28 Ratings on Amazon 

3-Month Supply

Minoxidil Beard Growth Foam vs Liquid

Minoxidil is sold in a form of liquid solution or foam. Both are effective but it all comes down to people’s preferences. For example:

  • The liquid (topical solution) can cause some allergic reactions due to propylene glycol which causes irritation. That’s why they opt for the foam as it does not contain propylene glycol. We recommend doing a patch test before using it to see how your skin reacts to both the liquid and foam forms of Minoxidil.

  • Some people on the other hand prefer using foam as they claim that the liquid form makes their hair greasy. 

  • A liquid solution is said to be better in terms of absorption and reaching the skin rather than just the hair. More studies are needed to prove this point.

Using Derma Roller with Minoxidil for Beard Growth

Derma rolling works by making very small punctures on the skin which stimulates the production of collagen. Not only that, using a derma roller with Minoxidil for beard growth is said to help better absorption of the treatment leading to better results.

Although the number of scientific studies done is still limited. But, in a recent study published in the International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences in 2020, researchers investigated the effect of pairing micro needling with Minoxidil 5%. They looked at whether it has an effect on the treatment of androgenetic alopecia compared to using Minoxidil 5% alone.

A sample of 60 men aged between 21-40 was divided into 2 groups. Those in group A were given minoxidil 5 to be used twice daily and micro-needling only twice per month. On the other hand, those in group B were subject to using only Minoxidil 5% twice daily.

The results showed that Group A had a better result and significant hair growth than Group B. Researchers state that more research is required to be done regarding that to examine the effect of micro-needling and minoxidil on the beard. 

How to Use Derma Roller with Minoxidil for Beard Growth?

It is important to note that derma rolling shouldn’t be used more frequently. Aestheticians and dermatologists recommend micro-needling to be done only once per week.  

If you will do the derma rolling at home by yourself, make sure to get a 0.25 or 0.5mm device. Derma rollers that are 1mm or more are used by professionals only as it penetrates deeply into the skin.

Here is how to use a derma roller with Minoxidil to grow a beard:

  1. If you can’t tolerate the feeling of the tiny punctures of the derma roller you can use a mild numbing cream. 
  2. Make sure to sanitize your derma roller by first rinsing it under warm water.
  3. Pour some rubbing alcohol into a glass and soak in the head of the derma roller for 3-5 minutes.
  4. Clean and sanitize your face as well.
  5. Start rolling vertically and horizontally 6 times in each direction. 
  6. Wash your face and pat it dry.
  7. Apply your daily dosage of minoxidil.

How to Select the Best Derma Roller for Beard?

When buying a derma roller for beard growth make sure to opt for:

  • Needles made from titanium are durable as compared to stainless steel. 
  • For home use combined with minoxidil, we advise not exceeding 0.5-0.75 mm in size. 
  • You can also buy a derma roller with 540 needles.

YOOBEAUL Derma Roller | 3,169 Ratings on Amazon

  • 0.25mm size
  • 540 Titanium 

Linduray Derma Roller | 8,753 Ratings on Amazon

  • 0.25mm size
  • 540 Titanium 
  • 3 Free E-Books 

Minoxidil For Beard Growth Before and After

Mr. Moe is sharing with us his minoxidil beard growth journey and the problem he had before using the treatment.

Here are the details:

"My experience with Minoxidil to grow a beard started two years ago when I noticed some patches, which were increasing with time."

"I consulted more than one dermatologist and they told me that it was due to stress. I was not convinced by what they said and I consulted another doctor who told me that this is the beginning of alopecia barbae. Alopecia barbae is actually alopecia areata which attacks the beard hair".

"He advised me to use Minoxidil 5 for a year and a half. After using it the alopecia completely disappeared and the hair growth increased to the point that it appeared in areas where it was not growing before."

"Although the doctor advised me to use it for a year and a half, I used it for about two years. When I stopped using it, I did that gradually to maintain the results."

"At first, I used it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. When I started noticing that the alopecia had disappeared and the hair had grown, I started using the 2% concentration until I stopped using it completely."

"I did experience hair loss after I stopped using the treatment. On the contrary, my hair is still growing now. Of course, this is in addition to my beard care routine, such as using some oils and massaging the area, thus maintaining hair growth."

"Some of the side effects I've noticed after using minoxidil spray on my beard are dryness and irritation which caused some dandruff. Dandruff still appears even after I stopped using the treatment."

“But overall, I am very happy with the results as you can see in the pictures.”

Here are some photos of minoxidil beard growth results:

Question & Answer

How long to use minoxidil for beard growth?

Dermatologists recommend using minoxidil for the beard for at least 4 months to start obtaining results. The duration varies based on the condition. Some people continue using it for 6 months or 1 year. Others use it for a longer period of up to 2 years to maintain hair growth.

Can I use minoxidil for beard growth?

Yes, it is safe to use minoxidil on the beard and it is considered an effective treatment for hair loss. It helps in growing back hair on the beard and making it thicker.

Does minoxidil liquid work better than foam?

In terms of effectiveness and results both are good and give the same results. It is a matter of preference, as some people form an allergic reaction and irritation to propylene glycol which is included in the liquid.

Is Kirkland minoxidil good for beard growth?

Kirkland is a very famous and reliable minoxidil brand that is used by many men and has a very high number of positive reviews.

Will my beard shed after using minoxidil?

Normal and slight shedding of the hair shouldn't raise any concerns. The good thing about using minoxidil for the beard is that once the moves from being vellus hair (short baby hair) and becomes terminal (thick) it is less likely to shed even after you stop using minoxidil.


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