What is Stomach Botox in Turkey and How Effective it is in Weight Loss?

What is Stomach Botox in Turkey and How Effective it is in Weight Loss?

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       Medically reviewed by: Prof. Dr. Halil Alis

    Written by: ClinicAdvisor

    Afraid of surgical bariatric surgeries and looking to lose weight non-surgically and in the least invasive way? 

    Stomach Botox in Turkey could be all you’re looking for.

    Yes, you heard it right! BOTOX!!

    You might now be wondering how Botox works for weight loss since we all know that it’s mainly used to treat wrinkles.

    In this article we will share with you all the details you need to know about stomach Botox and who makes the perfect case. 

    What is Stomach Botox?

    Stomach Botox injection is a non-surgical, non-invasive and pain-free procedure for weight loss. 

    How it works?

    It is done under local anesthesia (sedation) by inserting an endoscope from the mouth into the stomach and injecting the Botox in certain places of the stomach.  

    The Botox reduces the contractions of the stomach muscles and controls how fast the food is digested.  Thus, it limits food intake and people feel fuller faster than before. 

    Remember that without changes in your eating habits and physical activity you will not get the expected results.  

    It takes about 15-20 minutes and when patients wake up from the anesthesia, they do not feel any pain. Patients can leave the hospital 15-20 minutes after the procedure if they feel fine. If patients experience some dizziness, they will be monitored for a couple hours until they regain their strength. 

    Who is Eligible for Stomach Botox? 

    Stomach Botox procedure is suitable for people with a BMI of more than 25. The effect of the Botox lasts for 4-6 months.

    Who is not Eligible for Stomach Botox? 

    The procedure is not useful to treat obesity and is not a good option for those with 40 BMI or more. Also, those with muscles related diseases or have allergy to Botox are not a good match.

    Pros and Cons of Stomach Botox in Turkey

    The good thing about stomach Botox surgery is that it’s risk free. Here are some of the pros and cons of stomach Botox: 


    •  Losing around 15-20 kg.
    •  Reversible as the effect of Botox fades away after 4-6 months.
    •  Minimally invasive and doesn’t take a lot of time.
    •  No recovery.
    • Patients return to their daily routine immediately.


    • Nausea and dizziness for the first couple days.
    • For better results and faster weight loss Saxenda injectable medicine could be prescribed by the doctor for 6 months.

    Hospitalization: Not required

    Stomach Botox Side Effects

    What distinguishes stomach Botox in Turkey from other bariatric surgeries is that it’s a very simple, fast and a safe procedure. The Botox stays in the stomach for 4-6 months after that its effect decreases. 

    Some of the common and mild side effects that may last for 1-2 days are:

    • Nausea.
    • Vomiting.
    • Dizziness. 

    Some serious side effects that rarely occur are:

    • Trouble breathing.
    • Allergy towards Botox.
    • Movement of the Botox to other areas. Incase it was performed by an unprofessional doctor. 

    How Much Does a Stomach Botox Cost in Turkey?

    Stomach Botox in Turkey is the cheapest treatment among other types of weight loss treatments. Prices normally range between ($1000 - $1500).

    Things to Avoid Before and After Stomach Botox

    To prepare for a stomach Botox, first of all patients’ health condition will be evaluated by the doctor. If the doctor sees no obstacles for the patient to get it done then he/she must:

    • Abstain from smoking a few days before the scheduled date. 
    • Stop drinking alcoholic and caffeinated beverages a week before the procedure.
    • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight to prevent nausea.

    Whereas after the procedure patients must:

    • Not eat anything for the first 5 hours after the procedure.
    • Stop smoking for 2-3 days. 
    • Alcoholic beverages must be avoided for 6 months or else it will interfere with the effect of the Botox.

    Stomach Botox Diet

    Following the stomach Botox in Turkey, your surgeon will give you information regarding your diet. In coordination with a nutritionist, they will prepare your dietary program which you must adhere to.

    Your stomach Botox diet will mainly include foods high in protein and fiber, dairy products (lactose free) and low carbs.

    5 hours after the procedure you will be on liquid diet for the whole day. Starting from the next day you can start eating what your nutritionist prepared for you in your diet program. 

    Stomach Botox Before and After 

    Raya a 33-year-old young lady is telling us her experience with Stomach Botox in Turkey. She used to weight 77 kg and was aiming to lose 18 kg. Since she was not overweight, she was looking for a non-surgical option to lose weight. 

    After looking into the different options of weight loss surgeries, she found out about stomach Botox. 

    She met with the doctor after seeing his work on Instagram and they scheduled a date for the procedure on October, 2020. Six months after getting Stomach Botox she lost 17 kg and now she weighs 60 kg

    She says that it was a very simple procedure with very minimal side effects. All she felt after the procedure was nausea for one day and bloating. 

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