Why choose Turkey for your dental care?

Why choose Turkey for your dental care?

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    Probably one of the reasons that prompted you to undergo dental treatment in Turkey is the low cost as compared to other countries. But it’s not only limited to the cost, because Turkey has other potentials that distinguish it and make it superior to many countries.

    So, what are these potentials?! And what will you benefit from getting your dental treatment in Turkey?

    Below, we will learn together about the main reasons that distinguish Turkey as a global destination for dental treatment.

    Why go to Turkey for Dental Treatment? Key points

    1. Significant savings on dental care (up to 60% cheaper than in Europe), especially for care that is not covered by insurance
    2. Dental standards equivalent or superior to those of Europe
    3. No waiting lists
    4. Excellent international air links
    5. Discover Istanbul with a relaxing getaway to a quintessential tourist city
    6. Discretion: Oral health can be delicate for some people so they prefer to be absent until they complete their treatments

    How Much Can You Save on Dental Treatment in Turkey?

    Well, as you can see the prices for dental care are very competitive in Istanbul compared to your dentist at home. On average, you can save up to 50-70% on dental costs in Europe, excluding flight and accommodation costs. 

    Prices vary in Istanbul per clinic, and the cost of your dental treatment will also depend on materials and warranty periods. The general rule is that the more extensive dental treatment you need, the more you will save in Turkey. But the prices are so attractive in Istanbul, that Europeans go to Turkey even for a dental implant treatment.

    Visit this page for more details on dental care prices

    Excellent quality and very Good Prices

    The investment of the Turkish government has not only reduced the costs for the patients, but also improved the standard of dentistry in the country. Turkish universities offer dental training in Turkish and English, and many courses offer internships in clinics in the UK, Germany or Switzerland.

    With international education and experience, Turkish professionals are able to provide high quality dental care, on par with the rest of Europe.

    As a leading destination for dental tourism since the early 2000s, Turkey is able to offer a level of expertise and experience that other countries cannot compete with.

    Funding for training and practice also means that clinics can afford the best dental equipment possible for their practice.

    Majority of dental clinics in Turkey are modern and well equipped with the latest technology. International safety and quality standards such as ISO 9001 also apply to Turkish dental clinics.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the cost of dental treatment in Turkey?

    Dental costs in Turkey vary according to the nature of the treatment, the technique used and the doctor's experience. For example, the cost of dental implants in Turkey ranges between 1200 to 2200 euros. As for dental veneers, the average price per tooth is 200 euros and a maximum of 400 euros, depending on the type of veneers used.

    Why is the cost of dental treatment in Turkey low?

    First, the cost of living, the average per capita income and taxes in Turkey are much lower than European countries or even some Arab countries. This is reflected in the low cost of dental treatment in Turkey. Second, the decline in the Turkish lira plays a big role in the overall cost. Third, Turkey is a manufacturing country, and it manufactures many of its medical equipment locally and this reduces the overall cost.

    What are the most popular dental treatments in Turkey?

    Dental implants, Hollywood smile (dental veneers or Lumineers), dental crown and gum contouring are among the most requested procedures in Turkey.

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