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Body Hair Transplant in Turkey

Body Hair Transplant in Turkey

Quick Facts

Hospital stay

Not required


7-14 days.


7-8 hours.

Length of stay 

3-4 days.

Body Hair Transplant in Turkey: Overview

A body hair transplant in Turkey is a type of hair transplant which is used as an alternative donor when the main donor area (back of the head) is poor. 

For more details about this procedure, you can check this article about body hair transplants.

In recent years, this technique became very popular in Turkey and many clinics have adopted it.

However, not all of them have the needed expertise to carry out body-to-head hair transplants.

The Body Hair Transplant (BHT) requires a high level of expertise and if used very efficiently it results in brilliant outcomes especially in increasing the hair density at the top or crown areas.

Body Hair Transplant Turkey Cost

Although the cost of body hair transplant in Turkey may seem a little bit higher when compared with the other types and that’s due to the fact that it’s a labor-intensive and sensitive procedure. 

The price difference between a normal hair transplant and a body hair transplant is $200-$500 extra for a BHT. 

So for example, if a normal hair transplant in Turkey costs between $1500-$4000  then the price of a body hair transplant in Turkey will be somewhere between $1700-$4200 or $2000-$4500

But when we compare the cost to other countries such as the USA, UK, Canada and other European countries we can see a big difference and Turkey is much cheaper. 

The prices above are a general estimation based on the quotes given by some clinics.

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What does the Body hair transplant cost in Turkey include?

Body hair transplant packages in Turkey are all-inclusive. The total cost will include:

     Accommodation at 4-5* Hotels

VIP Ground Transportation

Airport Pick-Up and Drop-Off 

  Post-Op Care Kit

Multilingual interpreters 

Pre-Op blood tests 

Best Clinics in Body Hair Transplant in Turkey

Performing a body hair transplant requires highly experienced specialists. 

It needs a high level of precision and knowing how to carefully extract the grafts from the body parts such as the chest, beard, or back. 

That’s why some clinics in Turkey are intensively specialized in performing body hair transplant to head and have special teams for this type of procedure. 

The following clinics are considered the best in performing Body hair transplants in Istanbul, Turkey.

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