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Hair Transplant in Turkey vs USA

Hair Transplant in Turkey vs USA

In this guide, we will compare hair transplant in Turkey vs the USA, looking at several factors including:

  1. Cost.
  2. The quality of results.
  3. The availability of appointments.
  4. The ease of travel and communication. 

So, if you are on the verge of deciding between these two destinations but still feel perplexed then you're in the right place.

We will also discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each location, to help you make an informed decision about where to have your hair transplant procedure.

Hair Transplant in Turkey vs USA: Which is better?

It is difficult to determine which location is "better" for hair transplant surgery, as this will depend on a variety of factors, including your individual needs and circumstances. 

Both Turkey and the United States offer qualified hair transplant surgeons who have received intensive training in hair transplant. 

The quality of care and the success of the procedure will also depend on the specific surgeon and medical facility you choose.

Hair transplant in Turkey vs the USA is most of the time compared based on the price. 

Although the price difference between the two countries is one of the many factors, if not the main one, that encourages Americans to go to Turkey for a hair transplant

But there are also other factors that drive people from America to get a hair transplantation in Turkey such as:

1. Hair Transplant Expertise:

Turkey vs USA

We can't deny that hair transplant specialists in both countries have exceptional skills and a high level of expertise. Many are graduates of prestigious medical universities. However, hair transplant experts in Turkey have intensively practiced on thousands of different cases with different hair types and gained more experience in such a short time.

2. The Number of Grafts:

Turkey vs USA

It's a common practice that hair transplant doctors in the USA charge per graft. Therefore, getting a high number of grafts up to 4500-5000 hair grafts can break the bank and cost you between $12,000 to $45,000. While in Turkey, hair transplant clinics do not charge per graft and the prices are fixed. So, even if you get a 3000 or 5000 grafts hair transplant you will still pay the same amount. It costs an average of $2000 to get a hair transplant in Turkey.

3. Hair Transplant Cost:

Turkey vs USA

The low cost of a hair transplant in Turkey in turn for high-quality results is what encourages Americans to get a hair transplant there. Getting a hair transplant in the US can cost you a fortune. And sometimes you might need more than one session to cover all the balding areas. This means that you need to have no less than $15000 to get 2 sessions done at the cheapest clinic. While in Turkey you can save up to $10000 and still get 2 sessions done at one of the best clinics.

4. Hair Transplant Techniques:

Turkey vs USA

Turkey and the USA both use a variety of hair transplant techniques that are designed to achieve the most natural-looking results. However, in Turkey, the majority of clinics and doctors prefer the modern FUE hair transplant method over the FUT strip method. While in the USA many surgeons are still using the FUT. Although, the FUT results in good outcomes the number of hair grafts is limited and it requires a longer recovery period. It also leaves a linear scar on the back of the scalp which many people don't prefer. 

5. Hair Transplant Results:

Turkey vs USA

In both Turkey and the United States the results of hair transplants are satisfactory; however, when comparing the number of grafts implanted and the percentage of coverage in a single session, we can tell that patients are more satisfied with the results they got in Turkey and this is based on their own reviews. This is because the maximum number of hair grafts are transplanted in one session which results in more density and wider coverage of the balding areas.

6. Availability of Appointments:

Turkey vs USA

In general, it is very easy to arrange an appointment for a hair transplant in Turkey, as there are many qualified surgeons and modern facilities available to provide the procedure. While in the United States, just as with any other medical or surgical procedure, it could be more difficult to schedule an appointment immediately at a popular clinic since there will be a waiting list which means you will have to schedule an appointment several months in advance to guarantee a spot. 

7. Safety of the Procedure:

Turkey vs USA

Both Turkey and the United States have official bodies that inspect and regulate the practice of medicine and ensure that clinics and surgeons follow safety and hygiene standards. However, in recent years and with the increasing number of clinics practicing hair transplants in Turkey, we have seen some inexperienced clinics that offer competing prices at the expense of quality. That's why it's a good idea to avoid these places and do your research very carefully before deciding on a specific clinic in Turkey. 

8. Ease of Access:

Turkey vs USA

Turkey is a popular tourist destination and is easily accessible from many countries, including the United States. The country is very well-connected to the rest of the world where you can find many direct flights to Turkey from major cities in the United States. Also, the Turkish visa is considered one of the easiest visas, and many nationalities can apply for it online. On the other hand, traveling in the United States is generally easier for American citizens, but for non-U.S residents coming from other countries, it can be a troubling process especially in obtaining a US visa and traveling for long hours.

9. Ease of Communication:

Turkey vs USA

The ease of communication between the patient and the doctor is very important. While in the United States, communication with the doctor and his/her team is easier for American patients, since there will be no issues or any language barrier. On the other hand, In Turkey, many hair transplant clinics have coordinators who are multilingual and fluent in English and can assist American patients with everything to make their hair transplant process very easy.

10. Tourist Attractions:

Turkey vs USA

Turkey is a famous tourist attraction with its rich history and diverse culture. Many people who travel to Turkey for a hair transplant choose to combine it with a short vacation in the country. With its mix of modern cities and charming towns, it offers something unique for everyone and is a great place for people looking for an unforgettable vacation experience. On the other hand, while the US is also a diverse country with a wide range of recreational attractions, it actually depends on the location of the hair transplant clinic and whether it's in a tourist area or not. However, for US citizens it would be better to travel abroad to live the experience of visiting a new place and get a high-quality hair transplant as well.

Hair transplant cost Turkey vs USA: an overview

A hair transplant in the U.S. is charged per hair graft. This means that for a 1 graft hair transplant the cost varies from $3-$9 with $6 being the average cost per graft

For example, a 2000-graft hair transplant in the USA can cost between $6000 - $18,000. The cost will vary based on the location. 

While in Turkey, for the same number of hair grafts, it would cost less than $2000. In addition, Turkish clinics usually provide all-inclusive packages. 

That is to say, the previously mentioned $2000 will most likely include accommodation, ground transportation, blood tests, and other necessary medical services and products.

Comparison between the Cost of hair transplant in Turkey vs USA 

Number of GraftsPrice range of hair transplant in Turkey - (fixed prices)*Price range of hair transplant in the U.S. - (per/graft)*
2000 grafts$1550-$4000 $6000-$18,000
3000 grafts$1550-$4000$9000-$27,000
4000 grafts$1550-$4000$12,000-$36,000
5000 grafts$1550-$4000$15,000-$45,000

**Prices in Turkey are all-inclusive and don't have a limited number of grafts. The maximum number of hair grafts is implanted in a single session, normally within the recommended range of up to 4500 or 5000 grafts. While in the USA it only includes the cost of the treatment and the total price is based on the cost per graft.


Overall, Turkey and the United States are both good destinations for quality hair transplants. However, if you're on a limited budget and not planning to spend more than 5000 USD for your hair transplant and tickets then Turkey is a good choice if you chose the right clinic.

You will not only get an affordable hair transplant but you also won't have to worry about all the arrangements during your stay in Turkey as most clinics offer packages that include accommodation and all the needed transfers.

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