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Is Hair Transplant in Turkey for Diabetics Possible?

Is Hair Transplant in Turkey for Diabetics Possible?

Is it possible to get a hair transplant in Turkey for diabetics?

Yes, hair transplant is possible for people with diabetes; however, it depends on what type of diabetes they suffer from and how well-controlled their blood sugar level is.

Diabetes has many different forms but the two main types are:

Type 1 diabetes

This type of diabetes is associated with an autoimmune disease where the body attacks healthy cells and prevents the pancreas from making insulin. 

Type 2 diabetes

On the other hand, Type 2 diabetes occurs when the pancreas cannot make enough insulin so the level of glucose in the blood (sugar) increases.

So, what type of diabetes is suitable for a hair transplant?

Normally, hair transplant clinics in Turkey and all over the world do not recommend patients with Type 1 diabetes to get a hair transplant done. 

The main reason is that a hair transplant is a lengthy procedure and people with Type 1 diabetes need to inject insulin multiple times a day to control their sugar level. Otherwise, the blood glucose (sugar) levels will fluctuate.  

As for Type 2 diabetes, there is no problem in getting a hair transplant as long as they keep their blood sugar regulated and under control. Either by using medications or keeping a healthy diet and exercising regularly. 

In such a case the doctor will request a recent HbA1C test to check the blood sugar level.

If everything looks good and the results are within the normal range then they can proceed with the hair transplant.

Is hair loss common in people who suffer from diabetes?

People with diabetes are prone to hair thinning and hair loss. There are multiple reasons behind that which can be due to an immunity malfunction, blood circulation, or hormonal imbalance due to stress.

Hair Loss Due to Immunity Malfunction 

People with Type 1 diabetes are at a higher risk of Alopecia Areata which is a patchy hair loss that occurs when the body attacks the healthy cells and hair follicles. 

Hair Loss Due to Poor Blood Circulation

In addition to that hair loss can be due to the accumulation of high sugar levels in the blood and lack of insulin that helps the sugar to enter the cells. 

Instead, it remains in the bloodstream damaging blood vessels and blocking the oxygen from being transported to the body parts and cells including the hair follicles. 

And it’s widely known among doctors and the hair loss community that hair follicles depend heavily on nourishment from the oxygen it receives. But when it does not, it eventually withers and dies.

How different is a hair transplant for people with diabetes from others? 

A hair transplant for people with diabetes is carried out in the same way with the exception that the wound healing time can be longer.

It is known that wound healing for those with diabetes is slower than for other people. 

The same applies to a hair transplant which consists of making thousands of microincisions on the scalp. This means that the recovery period will be longer.

How long does recovery after hair transplant take for patients with diabetes?

As we mentioned that the recovery period after a hair transplant for diabetes patients takes a bit longer. This is due to the slow healing rate of the wounds. 

During this time it is very important to follow your doctor’s instructions and avoid anything that may lead to infections. 

Is there a certain number of hair grafts that can be transplanted for someone with diabetes? 

Some hair transplant clinics in Turkey make a personalized plan for patients who have diabetes. 

For instance, the number of grafts that are being extracted and implanted in the balding areas is less than in people who do not have diabetes. 

This is because removing and implanting big numbers of grafts exceeding 3000 will lengthen the wound healing time during the recovery period. 

That’s why some clinics stick to implanting a limited number of grafts for diabetes patients ranging between 2500-3000 hair grafts.

How successful is a hair transplant in Turkey for people with diabetes?

In general, hair transplant results in very successful outcomes and it’s a very safe procedure even for patients suffering from diabetes.

However, the rate of success is highly dependent on how well the patient regulates their blood sugar levels and follows the post-op instructions. 

Because one of the potential side effects after a hair transplant is getting an infection. 

That’s why patients with diabetes should pay extra attention as they are more prone to infections if the wounds are not taken care of properly.

Which hair transplant technique is better for diabetic patients?

According to plastic surgeons at Expert Hair Transplant Clinic in Istanbul, the FUE hair transplant technique is a better option for patients with diabetes. 

The FUT includes removing a long strip of tissue from the back of the head which could be more challenging to heal quickly. 

Things to keep in mind 

Finally, before getting hair in Turkey, patients with diabetes must take into consideration the following:

  • First of all, you need to consult with your physician if you can get a hair transplant. 
  • Your blood sugar levels must be well-controlled before the surgery.
  • You must continue using your regular medications before the surgery.
  • Maintain a healthy and balanced diet by avoiding food that contains sugar. 
  • You should strictly follow your doctor’s instructions after a hair transplant to guarantee a problem-free recovery.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking before and after the operation. 


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