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Is it Possible to Get a Hair Transplant in Turkey for HIV Positive Patients?

Is it Possible to Get a Hair Transplant in Turkey for HIV Positive Patients?

For many years HIV/AIDS has been a taboo subject and many people fear sharing such a piece of information with others. 

The social stigma and marginalization towards individuals with HIV is the main reason that makes people prefer not to disclose their HIV status. 

And not only the people surrounding the person with HIV but also doctors and surgeons sometimes exhibit negative attitudes towards them. 

This leads them to hide this piece of information in order to get a specific treatment done. And one of these treatments is a hair transplant. 

Many individuals who have HIV positive wonder if they’re eligible for a hair transplant in Turkey or not. 

In this article, we will answer if hair transplant in Turkey for HIV positive patients is accepted or not.

Can an HIV patient have a hair transplant?

In brief, patients with Undetectable = Untransmittable HIV and who have overall good health with a strong immune system can get a hair transplant. 

As long as the patient is taking their medication regularly and keeping their immune system strong there should be no contraindications to performing the operation. 

It remains the responsibility of the clinic or hospital to take all the necessary precautions and ensure a sterile environment for both the patient and the medical staff. 

Do hair transplant clinics in Turkey perform for HIV positive?

While some hair transplant clinics and doctors in Turkey prefer not to perform on HIV patients for both the safety of the patient and the medical team.

You will find some other hair transplant clinics that accept patients with HIV 

The hair transplant clinics in Turkey that perform for HIV-positive patients – which is undetectable – take all the required safety measures.

They normally have special operating rooms reserved only for HIV patients. These rooms are constantly and strictly sterilized before and after the operation.

In addition, these clinics have specialized and experienced surgeons and medical teams who are capable of performing hair transplants for patients with HIV. 

What will happen if I find out that I have HIV at the hair transplant clinic? 

It happens that some patients who come for a hair transplant in Turkey are unaware of the fact that they have HIV. 

During the pre-operative examinations which include a blood test, sometimes patients are shocked to find out that they are HIV-positive.

In this case, a consultation with the doctor will be required to decide the next steps. 

Because if HIV is not treated there is a high risk that the virus will be transmitted to the doctor and the medical team.

However, some patients already know that they have HIV but prefer not to share such important information with the clinic. 

In this case, the doctor will discuss the patient’s HIV status and if they are taking their medications regularly, and whether their immune system is strong or weak.

If everything looks good then the patient can be admitted for a hair transplant. 

But, sometimes the hair transplant team which is specialized in such cases may not be available on the same day; thus, the operation will have to be postponed to another day. 

That’s why it’s highly recommended not to keep any details from your doctor and share with them all the necessary details regarding your overall health before traveling to Turkey. 

What will happen if I get a hair transplant while my immunity system is weak due to HIV?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to perform a hair transplant on HIV patients with weak immune systems. 

This is because having an infection is one of the possible side effects of a hair transplant. 

And remember that the surgery consists of making thousands of incisions on your scalp and any infection would be difficult to treat when the body’s immunity is low. 

The Cost of hair transplant in Turkey for HIV Positive

Due to the complexity of the operation and the extra precautions taken, the cost of hair transplant in Turkey for HIV-positive is higher

You can expect to pay around $3000-$4000 for a hair transplant in Turkey for HIV which is all-inclusive. 

This means that all the extra services such as accommodation, transfers, and post-op care will be included in the price.

Why does a hair transplant in Turkey for an HIV-positive cost more?

The reason why the cost of hair transplant for patients with HIV is higher is due to the fact that there are special arrangements that need to be made. 

For example, a special operation theatre is spared for HIV patients and extra sterilization is required.

Also, a special doctor and his/her medical team carry out the operation which increases the cost.

Things to keep in mind 

Besides all the regular precautions that patients who are getting a hair transplant take, HIV patients need to take extra care. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • First of all, you should share with your doctor any pre-existing medical conditions that you have including HIV.
  • Make sure to avoid anything that will weaken your immune system such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and poor nutrition. 
  • Make sure to get enough sleep since lack of sleep also weakens immunity.
  • Continue using your medications as you regularly do.
  • Tell your doctor if you're using any medications and ask if you should discontinue any of them.


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