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Is Turkey Safe for Hair Transplant? Rising Concerns by International Patients

Is Turkey Safe for Hair Transplant?  Rising Concerns by International Patients

‘’Is Turkey Safe for Hair Transplant?’’ A common question that concerns international patients. 

The Short Answer is:

Definitely! Turkey is safe for hair transplants and this success and popularity that it gained in the last few decades didn't just come by chance. Despite the relatively lower prices, Turkey has made a lot of advancements in the field of hair transplants. Turkish hair transplant doctors are highly qualified and graduates of reputed universities. Many of them have more than 10-20 years of extensive experience, not to mention the natural and brilliant results that patients obtain. But, there is always those who try to benefit from this growing popularity and offer low-quality services and results. Thus, it's very important to distinguish between authorized and unauthorized clinics. 

The long and more detailed answer:

Many individuals who are planning to get a hair transplant in Turkey are being warned about the safety of the procedure.  Most of them are patients who come from the U.S and the U.K.

The reason is that the popularity of Turkish surgeons affected hair transplant surgeons in these countries.

When patients search on the internet for the safety of hair transplant in Turkey, all they find is warnings.

Most of these articles and blogs highlight the bad aspects in an attempt to hit the industry of hair transplantation.

But prospective patients need realistic facts that will help them make the right decision and know where to get the operation done.

Thus, we’re here today to share with you the real answer to your question and help you with your decision.

So, is Turkey safe for hair transplant? Let’s find out the answer together.

The Truth about the Safety of hair transplant in Turkey

Our duty as healthcare providers is to present real facts to people away from bias and misleading information.  

For the last ten years, Turkey has proved itself to be the leading country in the hair transplant field.

During this period, we’ve witnessed an ongoing demand from international patients who come to Turkey to do hair transplant.

Especially, patients from countries where this cosmetic procedure costs a fortune such as the U.S, U.K, and Europe.

Patients prefer Turkey for its fairly low-costs, high quality and incomparable results.

This shift has harmed many surgeons in western countries. To save their careers, some of them use different ways to warn people about having their procedures in Turkey.

They tell people that hair transplant clinics in Turkey are scams and not following sanitary measures. 

Hair Transplant Black Market in Turkey

Although we can not deny the existence of the hair transplant black market in Turkey, generalizing is unfair.

The truth is that during the last 4-5 years the number of hair transplant clinics has been unbelievably increasing. Because people are seeing it as a profitable business and the easiest way to make money.

Istanbul alone has more than 500 clinics and the majority are unprofessional clinics that have no background in medical practice.

But the country is lately doing its best to control this chaos by imposing very strict sanctions on scam clinics.

During the last 2 years, many illegal clinics were closed by the government because they were not adhering to health standards.

How is the Black Market of Hair Transplant in Turkey Affecting Professional Clinics?

The emergence of unethical hair transplant clinics has damaged the careers of some professional clinics leading them to close.

These clinics offer very low prices which kept patients from going to the best hair transplant clinics.

But you might ask yourself how do patients trust these clinics?!

Unfortunately, the inappropriate use of marketing campaigns especially on social media has deceived many patients.

Besides that, many clinics have agencies in the target countries to gain the trust of their patients.

Not to mention that fake reviews on the internet from unreal patients play a big role in shaping their decision. Some clinics even use other clinics before and after photos and claim it’s their cases.

How to avoid bad hair transplant clinics?

The tips below will guide you on how to select the best hair transplant clinics and avoid illegal ones:

  1. Years of Experience:

    You must know the medical background of the hair transplant surgeon/experts. Also, the number of years they have been practicing in this field and the skills of the medical team.
  2. Ask about the number of operations the clinic has performed:

    Clinics that have performed more than 20K successful operations with excellent results means they have deep expertise in the field. 

    However, this is not the case with all clinics because many unprofessional places perform 20 operations daily which eventually fail.

  3. Ask How Many Patients they Operate on Daily:

    Professional hair transplant clinics don't accept more than 2-3 patients per day. If you find out that the clinic is performing 10-20 operations per day stay away from it. This is definitely an illegal clinic. 

  4. Local and International Accreditation:

    Make sure the clinic you select is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health and any International accreditation institutions such as the ISHRS. 

  5. Post-Operative Care and Responsiveness:

    A hair transplant doesn't end by completing the operation. It is a process that extends up to 6-8 months to follow up with the progress of the hair growth. 

    Therefore, responsiveness is one of the main factors in selecting your destination.

  6. Check Before and After Cases: 

    Ask the clinic to send you before and after photos/videos of previous patients to see the results for yourself. 

    Many trusted clinics will share with you stories and reports of patients' experiences in forums before you even ask them. This shows their credibility and confidence in their work.

  7. Verified and Real Reviews:
    Not all the reviews you read online are genuine. Always make sure to read patients' reviews from verified medical websites.

  8. Place of the Operation:
    A hair transplant must be performed at a hospital or a medical center. Be careful of clinics that perform the operation in a flat without any medical equipment and supplies.


Now that we answered your question “is turkey safe for hair transplant?’’ it’s important to differentiate between authorized and unauthorized clinics. 

If you follow our recommendations, you’ll be able to separate the good from the bad. Therefore, your concerns about traveling to Turkey will diminish and you’ll get access to high-quality treatment.  


  1. Why are people always asking "is hair transplant in Turkey safe"?
    Because of the new and inexperienced hair transplant clinics in Turkey many patients were deceived and had bad results. This raises concerns about the competency of the hair transplant industry in the country.

  2. How can patients differentiate between certified hair transplant clinics and bad ones?
    An article posted by one of the leading hair transplant clinics in Turkey discusses the ways of selecting the right clinic. Please click here for tips to select the best hair transplant clinic

  3. Is traveling to Turkey for a hair transplant safe?
    The situation in Turkey is very safe and most of the leading hair transplant clinics are located in tourist and safe regions such as Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, and Izmir.


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