Posted 04/01/2023 in Hair Transplant in Turkey

Stem Cell Hair Transplant in Turkey

Stem Cell Hair Transplant in Turkey

If you suffer from hair loss and hair thinning, you must be looking for ways to combat or at least prevent further hair loss before it gets worse.

Since the traditional hair transplantation process may not be the most appropriate option for some cases that suffer from hair loss in its early stages, there are other options that have proven effective, such as stem hair transplant in Turkey.

If you want to know more details about hair loss treatment with stem cell, you can see this article where we covered all the details related to stem hair transplant.

What distinguishes stem cell hair transplant in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the leading countries in the field of hair transplantation and hair loss treatments, and we notice this through the impressive results and the increasing demand of international patients who come from different countries of the world.

Since the revolutionary emergence of the Regenera Activa hair loss treatment, which is a technique that uses stem cells to treat hair loss, this technique was soon adopted by many famous hair transplantation clinics in Turkey and dermatologists as well.

And we, at Clinic Advisor®, have helped many people to receive hair loss treatment through stem cells, and they got noticeable change and excellent results. What's good about this technique is that it does not take long and does not require a recovery period.

Quick Facts about Stem Cell Hair Transplant in Turkey 

Hospital stay

Not required.


30-40 minutes.

Length of Stay in Turkey

One day


3-6 months

Performed by

Hair transplant specialist or Dermatologist


Local anesthesia

The cost of stem cell hair transplant in Turkey

When compared with the normal hair transplantation procedure, we find that the cost of stem cell hair transplantation in Turkey is lower. 

The cost ranges between $800-$1300, depending on the services included in the package and where the sessions take place, either in an outpatient clinic or within a hospital.

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At ClinicAdvisor® we always strive to provide the best services at reasonable prices. We offer all-inclusive packages with accommodation and transportation.

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