Posted 19/11/2021 by Avrupa Sac Ekimi Clinic

Hair Transplant Results After 2 Sessions with a Total of 7000 Grafts

Mevlana, Sultan Ahmet Cd No:9, 34515 Esenyurt/İstanbul, Turkey
Months: 10 Hours: 7.5 Age: 36
$7,000.00 FUE Male
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Case Details: this patient had 2 sessions to completely cover all the balding areas. In the first session we implanted 4000 grafts which covered the front and the mid-scalp. Giving that he has quite a thick donor area, in the second session we mainly focused on the crown area by implanting 3000 grafts. In both sessions he received a total of 7000 hair follicles. 

Date of the operation: The 1st session took place in 2019 and the 2nd session was in 2020

Results: After 10 months

Number of sessions: After 2 sessions

Duration of the operation: The operation took about 8 hours

Hair transplantation technique: Micro FUE technique

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