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Results of 4500 Grafts Hair Transplant After 10 Years

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"How long does hair transplant results last? " or "Hair transplant after 10 yearsare some of the questions that we bet have crossed your mind at least once before making your decision to get a hair transplant. We understand your concerns that's why we're answering your question with a living proof. 

First of all, technically speaking the answer to whether hair transplant is permanent would be "YES. This is because the hair follicles are taken from a hair loss resistant area on the scalp which is known as the "donor area". The hair in this area - in between the ears - is resistant to the DHT hormone which causes hair loss. 

But is this enough to guarantee long lasting results?? 

Having a good donor area is not the only thing that determines the permanency of your results. One of the most important factors is undergoing the operation under the supervision of a highly skilled hair transplant surgeon or specialist. 

An experienced doctor will know how to properly handle the hair grafts in terms of extraction, opening the incisions and implanting them in the right way. If anything goes wrong during these stages this will directly affect the end result.  

You should bear in mind that your transplanted hair will go through the same life cycle of the hair in the donor area. As you get older you might start to notice that the hair shaft is getting thinner than before. And this should be normal because even natural hair thins as people get older.

But that doesn't mean it will permanently shed as long as the above factors were taken into consideration. 

Hair Transplant Case Study After 10 Years

In the following case study you will be able to see the results of hair transplant after 10 years. This case will answer your question on "how long does transplanted hair last".

Before we share with you the details of this case study, here's a quick overview:

  • Date of the operation: The operation took place in 2010

  • Current Results: After 10 years
  • Number of sessions: two sessions
  • Duration of the operation: The operation took about 7 hours
  • Hair transplantation technique: FUE technique was used in the first and second session

More About This Case Study

Karl, a 40-years-old patient from Germany. He underwent a hair transplant at our clinic back in 2010. He always had a problem with hair loss since a young age and as he got older it was accelerating. Also, his hairline was receding back in a very short time.

During the initial diagnosis we informed him that he would need two sessions for a full coverage. Our plan for the 1st session was to focus mainly on restoring the hairline and temples along with increasing the hair density on the mid-scalp. 

On the 2nd session we targeted the vertex area which is also known as the crown region.

In the first session we managed to implant a total of 3000 grafts. We distributed the grafts with high concentration on the frontal and middle areas. The number of grafts extracted was actually enough to cover all the thinning areas and to restore his hairline. 

In the second session, we extracted 1500 grafts which were implanted in the crown area. 

Here is a breakdown of the follicles:

  • Number of single follicles: 1320 
  • Number of double follicles: 2615
  • Number of triple follicles: 565 
  • Total number of grafts: 4500 grafts

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