Posted 29/10/2022 in Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant in India: The Cost and Important Facts

Hair Transplant in India: The Cost and Important Facts

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    Many countries are famous for hair transplantation. But when talking about cost, hair transplant cost in India and Turkey take the lead. 

    We all know that the number of hair transplant procedures in Turkey is always increasing. Due to its high quality, affordable prices, skilled hair transplant surgeons, modern medical and technological facilities, and strategic location.

    Yet with all these attributes, another country is now seeing an increasing demand for hair transplants. Hair transplant in India is getting popular among Indians and international patients as well. 

    The Emergence of Hair Transplants in India

    India is well known for possessing a selective group of people with outstanding experiences and talents in various fields.

    In the medical sector to be precise, Indian doctors have excelled in their fields. For many years it has been a destination for many international patients who seek medical treatments at affordable prices. 

    However, until recent years India wasn’t very popular for performing hair transplant surgeries. 

    But, lately, it started competing with leading countries like Turkey which is widely known for successful and distinguished hair transplants. 

    Reasons for the Increasing Popularity of Hair Transplant in India

    There are many reasons that make India a potential destination for hair transplants. First, the cost of hair transplant in India is low as compared to other countries. For instance, hair transplant cost in Turkey is between 1800 – 2500 US dollars. 

    On the other hand, in India the cost of hair transplant ranges between 800$ up to 1700$, depending on many factors such as: 

    • The number of grafts transplanted.
    • The surgeon’s reputation and years of experience.
    • The location and living standards of the city where the surgery will be performed.
    • The cost of additional services including accommodation and transportation.

    Additionally, many Indian doctors are graduates of western universities. 

    They speak English fluently which is an additional merit that encourages international or English-speaking patients to travel for hair transplants. 

    Determining the Destination for Hair Transplant 

    Choosing which destination is the best for hair transplant remains the patients’ preference. Location-wise, for Western and Eastern patients choosing Turkey, is wiser taking into consideration the proximity factor. 

    However, Asian patients might prefer to choose India as it is closer to them. Thus, the hair transplant cost in India would be lower compared to Turkey. 

    After all, cost shouldn’t be the sole factor in making your decision. Remember, high expertise, successful operations, and guaranteed results are critical in selecting the best hair transplant clinic. 

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