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Hair Transplant Techniques

Hair Transplant Techniques

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    Many people are confused about hair transplantation when choosing the most appropriate technique for them. 

    Definitely, you should consult with your doctor first regarding choosing the best hair transplant technique.

    But what is the difference between all these techniques and which one is better?

    What are the latest hair transplant techniques?

    Hair transplantation is the permanent and guaranteed solution to the problems of hair loss, male pattern baldness, and receding hairline. 

    It is a relatively safe procedure for patients, and if done correctly, the recovery period is very short.

    There are two main techniques of hair transplantation: FUT hair transplantation and FUE hair transplantation.

    First: FUT Technique

    In FUT hair transplantation, the doctor (either a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon) removes a strip of tissue from the back of the scalp.

    This strip contains the hair follicles that will be transplanted. In fact, many surgeons and patients consider this procedure outdated and do not like to perform it for several reasons, including: 

    • The scar that remains behind the head.
    • The limited number of follicles that can be extracted.
    • The length of the recovery period.

    Second: FUE technique

    The extraction technique is a procedure in which hair follicles are extracted using a device called a micromotor with a size of 0.5 mm or more, depending on the structure of the follicle.

    The doctor then extracts the follicles, sorts them according to the number of hairs they contain, and puts them in a solution to preserve them. 

    Then, incisions (channels) are made in the balding areas, and hair follicles are transplanted one by one into the channels.

    FUT vs FUE hair transplant techniques

    In recent years, many methods have emerged from the FUE technique, but they include minor differences, for example:

    Third: DHI Choi Pens

    The DHI technique is one of the FUE techniques. It is distinguished by the use of Choi Implanter pens, developed by the Global Medical Group. 

    DHI - Choi Implanter TechniqueWhere the follicles are inserted into the pens and their sharp tip allows the follicles to be implanted directly into the scalp without the need to open the channels in advance.

    Although two steps are combined into one, it is necessary to carry out the process with high accuracy. 

    Since hair transplantation using the Choi pens technique takes a long time and is somewhat stressful, it is considered one of the most expensive types of hair transplantation.

    But it is characterized by the ability to control the direction of the hair and the angles of the channels more precisely. 

    The healing phase is also faster because the channels are not opened in a separate step.

    We discussed in a separate article more about DHI hair transplant techniques

    Fourth: The Sapphire FUE technique

    Sapphire hair transplantation has become popular in the past five years. 

    It is done by the same mechanism as the extraction, but the only difference is in the tool used to open the channels.

    Sapphire FUE technique

    As this instrument is made of synthetic sapphire, not naturally occurring sapphire. 

    Some doctors believe that this tool helps to speed up the healing process due to the small size of the incisions. 

    Still interested in learning more about this technique? Here we discussed more about the Sapphire FUE hair transplant technique.

    So what are the best hair transplant techniques?

    When talking about the best hair transplant technique, you should know that each technique is suitable for specific cases, which are decided by the specialist doctor after examining the case.

    There are some factors that are taken into consideration when determining the best method for hair transplantation, such as:

    • Degree of baldness.
    • The number of follicles needed.
    • Placing the donor area and hair density.

    On the other hand, there may be some very minor differences between some techniques, such as the traditional FUE technique or the Sapphire FUE. 

    In this case, it is up to you and you are free to choose the method that suits you in terms of cost.

    As for other techniques such as the FUT, or Choi pens, you should take your doctor's advice and know the difference between hair transplant methods and their final results.

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