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Unshaven Hair Transplant

Unshaven Hair Transplant

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    Many are interested in undergoing a hair transplant to get rid of baldness. But the issue of shaving hair may be an obstacle to undergoing the procedure.

    So, they wonder about the possibility of performing a hair transplant without shaving and whether they will get a good result or not.

    The demand for this type of operation has increased in recent years, especially among young people of both genders. Now the question is "Is it possible to do a hair transplant without shaving the hair?"

    Let's find out the answer together and the options available.

    Is it possible to have a hair transplant without shaving?

    Hair transplant without shaving is a method that allows total discretion after performing the operation without having to shave the receiving area of the follicles. 

    This is one of the great doubts that our patients usually have. Especially women, who for aesthetic reasons, prefer to carry it out without shaving their heads. 

    For this reason, and although it is more complicated, professional hair transplant teams are capable of carrying out a hair transplant without the need to shave the head.

    Traditionally, shaving is the easiest, fastest, and most effective way to carry out the transplant, but it is never a mandatory option for any of our patients. 

    The decision to perform a hair transplant without shaving is always made with your opinion in mind.

    It is true that with a total shave, the team has better vision and more field of work, so, without it, the skill of the surgeon plays a fundamental role in the success of the process.

    Partial-shaven donor site

    With the FUE technique without shaving the procedure can be done in two different ways:

    • Semi-shaved: With this technique, the donor area is shaved. The rest is left uncut, with the doctor working normally.

    • Unshaven hair transplant: If you decide to carry out this technique, only one window will be shaved in the donor area (occipital) that is hidden from the rest of the hair. In this case, the patient must have long enough hair so that the shaved area is hidden.

    In both procedures, it is not necessary to shave the rest of the scalp. In this way, the transplant is more concealed and the time of incorporation into social and labor life is considerably shortened.

    Initially, both techniques began to be practiced in women. This is because completely shaving the scalp is more traumatic than for men. 

    Lately, the number of men who opt for the FUE technique without shaving has increased considerably, reaching a figure similar to the number of women.

    Fully unshaven hair transplant with DHI technique

    Many people wonder if it is possible to have a graft without shaving, and the truth is that it is. 

    With the DHI we will be able to perform a hair graft without losing the length of our hair, which allows the hair graft to go more unnoticed, and we can preserve the length of our hair.

    Even so, it is necessary to emphasize something about this technique. The DHI allows not having to shave the recipient area, but it is still necessary to shave the donor area. 

    To do this, a kind of “little window” or “flap” is shaved from which the follicular units are extracted.

    This allows that, even if we rap that area, it goes very unnoticed and is practically inconspicuous. For that reason, it is possible to perform an unshaven graft that fully meets our expectations.

    What are the benefits of an unshaven hair transplant?

    • Patient privacyno one will be aware that you are undergoing a hair transplant.

    • Change of image: by not shaving the head, the patient will be able to continue maintaining his usual aesthetic, also facilitating the process he needs to get used to his new

    • Naturalnessthe results, thanks to the implantation techniques used, will be one hundred percent natural, maintaining the exact direction, angle and depth.

    Unshaven Hair Transplant Results

    Here is one of the results of an unshaven hair transplant that was done at Avrupa Hair Transplant Clinic

    The operation was done with a partial shaving of the donor area and the recipient area only as requested by the patient.

    Before shaving:

    Before unshaven hair transplant

    Partially shaved donor area:

    Partially shaved donor area

    Partially shaved recipient area:

    Partially shaved recipient areaUnshaven hair transplant results:

    unshaven hair transplant - final results


    Are the results of an unshaved hair graft the same as those of a completely shaved one?

    Yes, as long as the procedure is performed by a specialist and the patient follows all the care that the doctor indicates. If these two conditions are added, the result can be exactly the same as completely shaved.

    Can all patients undergo a hair transplant without completely shaving?

    Any patient can undergo this procedure. The only caveat is that in the case of FUE without shaving, the patient must have long enough hair so that the window that is shaved in the donor area (occipital) is hidden from the rest of the hair.

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