Frequently Asked Questions About the Transplanted Hair

Frequently Asked Questions About the Transplanted Hair

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    What is a transplanted hair?

    The transplanted hair is the hair graft that is extracted from the donor area (behind the head) and implanted in the receiving area that suffers from baldness and hair thinning.

    This hair is not affected by the hormone which causes hair loss, the Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone.

    That is why we can see that baldness targets the hair on the scalp, except for the hair in the area between the ears.

    The transplanted hair enters several stages of growth when the follicles are transferred from the donor area to the recipient area.

    And it takes several months to adapt to the new environment in order to grow again naturally. To learn more about how transplanted hair grows? You can read the article about the stages of growth of transplanted hair in detail.

    However, there are still some questions in the minds of those who are about to undergo a hair transplantation, the answers to which we will learn about in this article.

    Is the transplanted hair permanent?

    One of the most important and first questions that come to the minds of patients is whether the transplanted hair is permanent or not.

    What distinguishes hair transplant operations is that the transplanted hair does not fall out like the rest of the hair.

    The reason for this is that the hair follicles are taken from an area of high resistance to DHT.

    This powerful hormone is responsible for the shrinkage of the follicle and its eventual death, causing baldness.

    But for some reason, the area between the ears is not affected by this hormone and keeps the hair from falling out.

    And when transferring the follicles from the back of the head to the areas that suffer from baldness, they maintain the same characteristics. 

    That is to say, it is not affected by baldness and the transplanted hair remains for life.

    For more information about the permanency of the results of hair transplantation, you can read the article: Is hair transplantation permanent?

    Will the transplanted hair fall out?

    We answered in the previous paragraph that the transplanted hair is permanent and does not fall out for life.

    But does this mean that it will not be affected by temporary hair loss factors such as seasonal hair loss?

    In some cases, the transplanted hair may fall out seasonally and for a temporary period, and then return to growth again.

    Like the rest of the hair, it enters the resting phase until the hair grows again.

    While this loss is considered normal, the transplanted hair falls out after 2-3 weeks after hair transplantation.

    Temporary shedding of the transplanted hair

    It completely falls out during the first two months and grows again starting from the third month.

    The transplanted hair after 1 month

    This may be disturbing to some, but there is no need to worry. Because this stage is natural and gives room for the healthy growth of the transplanted hair.

    As for the hair loss that occurs after hair transplantation, which targets non-transplanted hair, this condition is called shock loss.

    Where the hair falls out as a result of trauma and grows back within a few months. For more about the causes of hair shock loss after transplant, you can read this article.

    When does the transplanted hair grow?

    The actual growth of the transplanted hair starts in the third month. As we mentioned previously, the transplanted hair falls out during the first two months and returns to growth from the third month. 

    But the hair strands will still be thin at the beginning and their density increases as time passes.

    The initial results of a hair transplant begin to appear between the 6th and 7th months. During this period, the hair continues to thicken little by little.

    Most people will get hair transplant results after nine months. 

    While in some cases, it continues for 12 or 18 months to obtain the final result. 

    Why is my transplanted hair growing slowly?

    There are several reasons that lead to the delayed growth of transplanted hair

    Some of them may be related to the nature of the body itself and the rate of hair growth in each person. 

    Or it could be because the operation was done incorrectly.

    For example, hair transplanted to the crown area grows slowly compared to the rest of the scalp, due to the lack of blood vessels in that area and slow blood circulation.

    Also, failure to follow the instructions after hair transplantation may cause a delay in growth.

    Learn how to speed up the growth of transplanted hair.

    Does transplanted hair turn grey?

    Since the transplanted hair is the process of transferring hair follicles from the donor area to the receiving area. This means that the transplanted hair has the same characteristics as the hair extracted from the donor area.

    If greying begins in the donor area, it is normal for the transplanted hair to change color as well.

    This physiological process of hair color change and melanin deficiency cannot be interfered with or changed.

    In a separate article, we talked in detail about the possibility of grey hair transplantation and whether the transplanted hair turns grey or not.

    Can transplanted hair be dyed?

    Of course, the transplanted hair can be dyed, but after a period of time ranging from 4 to 6 weeks.

    This is to avoid scalp sensitivity or damage to the follicles as a result of the chemicals contained in hair dyes.

    Will the transplanted hair be coarse or fine?

    The idea is simply that if the hair extracted from the back of the head is fine, then the transplanted hair will be fine.

    But if the extracted hair is coarse, then of course the transplanted hair will be coarse and have the same texture and properties as the hair in the donor area.

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