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What Causes Delayed Growth After Hair Transplant?

What Causes Delayed Growth After Hair Transplant?

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    People who have undergone hair transplantation are excited to see the results of the procedure. But when the transplanted hair grows very slowly, some may become frustrated.

    It is known that the timeline to obtain the results of hair transplant ranges from 8 to 9 months. In some, growth continues for a whole year or a year and a half (18 months).

    So, what are the reasons for the delayed growth after hair transplant, and does this mean that the operation failed?

    Reasons for delayed growth after Hair Transplant

    There are many reasons that may lead to a delay in the growth of the transplanted hair.

    Some of them are related to the doctor's experience and not performing the operation correctly.

    While other reasons are related to patients' non-compliance with the instructions after hair transplant. 

    Besides that, there may be unknown reasons related to the nature of the body.

    So let's talk about these reasons in detail:

    Patient-related causes

    Sometimes patients do not adhere to the doctor's advice and instructions to be followed after the operation.

    For example, not quitting smoking or drinking alcohol before and after hair transplantation, prevents adequate blood supply from nourishing the follicles.

    Thus, there the growth rate of the transplanted hair will be slow or have no growth at all.

    The use of some hair products that contain chemicals or exposure to the sun causes infections in the scalp and hair follicles. 

    These are also other reasons for the slow growth of the transplanted hair.

    Therefore, hair transplant experts emphasize the importance of adhering to post-hair transplant instructions because of their great role in the success of the operation.

    Reasons related to the doctor's experience

    Another reason for the slow growth of transplanted hair grafts may be the lack of experience of the doctor and medical staff.

    Sometimes the doctor may extract weak, or hair follicles that are prone to fall out, or they may be damaged while removing them incorrectly.

    For this reason, surgeons must be careful to choose healthy and strong follicles that are not prone to hair loss.

    And in order to ensure this, patients must choose a doctor who is highly skilled in dealing with follicles with great care and accuracy.

    Scalp related problems

    The scalp may be infected with infections or some skin diseases that prevent the transplanted hair from growing. 

    This is one of the reasons for the delay in hair growth.

    Unknown reasons

    In some cases, there are some unknown causes and it is not clear which factors led to the lack of hair growth.

    And sometimes it may be related to the body's response to the newly transplanted follicles and the rate of hair growth.

    Are there ways to accelerate the growth of transplanted hair?

    Most patients want to get the results of hair transplantation in the shortest possible time. 

    Therefore, they wonder about some ways to speed up the growth of the newly transplanted hair.

    Actually, there are some ways that can stimulate hair growth and it includes:

    • Using Minoxidil spray under the supervision of a doctor.
    • Using vitamins beneficial for hair growth.
    • Doing PRP or mesotherapy sessions.
    • Laser sessions to stimulate hair growth.
    • And of course, you must maintain a balanced diet that contains all the beneficial elements for hair growth.

    We have previously talked in detail about ways to accelerate the growth of transplanted hair in a separate article.

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