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When Can I Start Swimming after Hair Transplant?

When Can I Start Swimming after Hair Transplant?

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    Many who have undergone hair transplantation wonder if swimming is possible after the procedure and when they can swim in the sea or swimming pools.

    It is known that there are some instructions that must be adhered to after hair transplantation to ensure faster recovery and avoid harming the results of the operation.

    In this article, we will answer all your questions regarding swimming after hair transplant and the best time to do so. 

    Also, we will give you a quick overview of the expectations during the first month after the operation.

    When can I swim after hair transplant?

    To answer this question, we will explain below what happens to the hair and the scalp during the first month after the transplant.

    One to two weeks after hair transplant

    A week after hair transplant operation, the patient begins to notice the appearance of some scabs and blood clots on the scalp.

    scabs after hair transplantThe scabs should be removed after hair transplant by washing the hair in the correct way and following your doctor’s instructions.

    The new hair grafts will be securely anchored in the scalp after two weeks. During this period, you should not swim, either in the sea or the pool, to avoid infections and inflammation of the scalp.

    This is because sea water is not sterile and polluted, which may cause scalp infections. 

    We must also not forget the importance of avoiding direct exposure to the sun after hair transplantation.

    In addition, chlorine affects the transplanted hair and wounds that have not yet healed and can cause an allergic reaction to the scalp.

    Two to Four weeks after hair transplant

    During this period, the hair enters a phase known as the dormant phase, where the transplanted hair begins to fall out. 

    This stage is considered a normal part of the transplanted hair growth cycle. 

    One month after hair transplant, you will be able to swim either in the sea or in the pool. 

    By this time, hair follicles are anchored in the scalp and there is no harm in them being dislodged. In addition to that, the wounds will have completely healed.

    So, in short, we can say that it is possible to swim a month after hair transplant, and this is considered the ideal period.

    Can I wear a swimming cap after hair transplantation?

    Covering the head after hair transplantation is one of the basic things to avoid in order to ensure the safety of hair follicles. 

    You should not cover your head or wear any hats of any kind for two weeks after hair transplant.

    As for swimming caps, you also should not wear them until a month after hair transplant. 

    This is because it is not recommended to swim in the sea or swimming pools until after a full month has passed to avoid infection.

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