Here is My Hair Transplant Turkey Review

Here is My Hair Transplant Turkey Review

My hair transplant Turkey Review, supported by photos.

In this post, we are sharing a review from a patient who came from Canada and recently had a hair transplant in Turkey at our clinic. 

Joshua says:

I will share my honest hair transplant Turkey review and all the details at Avrupa Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

I’m currently in my mid-30s and during my whole life, I’ve never had a problem with my hair. 

Until my late 20s when I noticed my hairline thinning and receding with time. 

Before my hair transplant in Turkey

I didn't feel the urge to do something about it, but with time it was getting worse. 

So, I decided to get a hair transplant in Turkey to lower my hairline or at least restore it to how it was.

I took this decision back in 2021 and I was very determined to do it. 

So, I got in touch with Avrupa Hair Transplant and agreed on everything but then I had to postpone due to COVID-19 restrictions.

On September 2022, I contacted the clinic again and they were very helpful to reschedule my appointment. 

I also asked them if I can add some hairs to my beard to cover the bald patches and they said it was possible.

Patchy spots in Joshua's beard

I finally arrived in Turkey and everything was perfect and well-organized. I went for a consultation and they drew a very nice and natural hairline. 

My hair transplant Turkey Review:

In his own words, the patient says:

" Yeah, I came to Istanbul to Avrupa Hair Transplant clinic, for a hair transplant and beard transplant, a great experience, fantastic, incredibly nice, hotel, care, food, water coffee, and whatever you need. Just very nice people and they did a fantastic job and I am healing up very very well and leaving very soon in a couple of days"  

And yeah before I forget, they implanted around 3300 grafts into my scalp to restore the hairline and increase the hair density in the mid-scalp. And 700 grafts were used for the beard to cover the gaps. 

Designing my new hairline
Number of grafts needed for my beard

Lastly, I would like to say that it was a great and fantastic experience. 

Here are some of my photos right after my hair transplant. 

Right after my hair transplant in Turkey
The grafts implanted into my beard

This was the 3rd day after they washed my hair for the first time after the surgery: Day 3 after washing my hair And this is how my beard looked after the first wash:

How my beard looked after 1st wash
After the beard transplant - The washing day

 I’ll update you with new pictures soon, so make sure to return.


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