My Hair Transplant in Turkey was Safe and Smooth

My Hair Transplant in Turkey was Safe and Smooth

In this report, Mr. K, who received his hair transplant in Istanbul, talks about his personal experience and how hair transplants in Turkey are safe

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Are hair transplants in Turkey safe?

Hello everyone, my name is Kareem but they call me K.

I wanted to share with you my personal review of a hair transplant in Turkey and how it was very safe and everything went smoothly.

I’ve always wanted to get a hair transplant in Turkey but I was hesitant about traveling to another country for surgery. Safety concerns were always in my head

But I gave myself a chance to look more into it because I had a feeling inside me telling me that this can be my destination. 

Anyway, I took my time to read more about hair transplant surgery in Turkey and compared many cases and reviews. 

I also asked my relative who lives in Turkey to ask around (he can have better access to information than I do). 

I gave him a list of clinics I was interested in and he started asking about each one.

My Hair Transplant Turkey Review at Avrupa Hair Transplant Clinic

I finally decided on Avrupa Hair Transplant Clinic. They had what I was looking for in terms of:

  1. Reasonable price.
  2. Long experience.
  3. Great results.
  4. Safety measures

I was very open with the coordinator I was in touch with. I told her that I’m very much stressed and afraid something would go wrong, especially since it was my first time traveling abroad.

But she reassured me that this is a normal feeling and that I shouldn’t be worried about anything because they will arrange everything for me. 

We agreed on the operation date which was in November 2021.

They sent me the driver’s details and the pick-up point at the airport. 

I was worried in case I couldn’t find him at the airport but thank god he was waiting for me at the meeting point and took me to the hotel. He was very polite.

Once I got to the hotel my room was already booked. It was a very nice and clean hotel and I enjoyed my stay there.

On the operation day, I met with the team and discussed everything related to my hair transplant. 

They were very responsive and helpful (regardless of my endless questions  ). 

The entire operation was done under the supervision of the hair surgeon, Mehmet Guchlu, who was very friendly. 

Honestly, I didn't feel strange at all. They don’t even give you a chance to feel this thing because of their generosity.

I felt at home and all my fears wore off. 

What I think about the safety of hair transplants in Turkey

Now we come to the process itself. Of course, they shaved my hair but it didn't really matter to me because I used to always cut my hair short.

Then they took me to the operating room and an anesthesiologist administered the anesthetic drug. 

It was annoying at first and I felt a little pain, but you can bear it and it won't last for too long. I mean, in a few minutes I wasn’t feeling anything.

The operation took about 8 hours, and from time to time they gave me a break to eat something light or to use the restroom.

The clinic with all its facilities and the operating room was hygienic. The hair transplant environment was very safe and they knew their work to be honest. I can also add this, as a patient who underwent hair transplant surgery in Turkey and experienced everything from A-Z, I can say that a hair transplant in Turkey was safer than I thought. But I think this has to do with the clinic I chose. Make sure the clinic you choose has a very good reputation and is not just a place you saw its ads on social media. 

According to what the cli mentioned, 4350 hair follicles were transplanted in my case.

Sorry for taking too long to share with you my results, I’m sure you’re excited to see how I look after 9 months and the huge difference   

Before my hair transplant in Turkey

Before my hair transplant in Turkey - Right view
Before my hair transplant in Turkey - Left view
After my hair transplant in Turkey
My hair transplant results in Turkey
Results after my hair transplant in Turkey

Honestly, my happiness is indescribable, and I am very grateful that it passed without fear and I never regretted it. It is clear from the pictures that I am very happy.

This is the final result of my hair transplant in Turkey

So, my friends, this is why I decided to share with you my own experience and reflect on the facts. After all, there is nothing better than taking it from someone who experienced it.

I can confidentially say that hair transplants in Turkey are very safe and anyone can get it done with peace of mind, but only and only assuming that you chose a clinic that is well known and clearly trusted. 

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