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Submitted by Ani on Friday, May 06, 2022

wonderful doctor

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I had a septic curve surgery a few years ago and had a big problem with my nose after the surgery. I did a lot of research for the best doctor.I ended up deciding to have it with doctor Erkan Soylu. I made the appointment and was excited and impatient before the surgery. In May I had my revision surgery with him and thanks to God, I found healing in his hands. The doctor was very knowledgeable, sincere and honest. Explained everything clearly and in detail. I am very grateful to him for being such a wonderful doctor and his great team. Big thanks and appreciation. My nose looks supernatural now and everybody is amazed with the results

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Visited him after unhappy Septoplasty surgery

I visited Dr Erkan Soylu one year after I had a Septoplasty surgery with another Otolaryngologist surgeon in Istanbul where I was not happy with the results. I initially had breathing problems while sleeping and would snore sometimes and after my surgery the improvement was something like %40 . I had to use nasal strips every day while sleeping. So I thought I needed another Septoplasty and wanted the opinion of Dr Erkan Soylu as a popular ENT surgeon in Istanbul. The doctor examined my case very carefully and listened to every single concern.
He advised that I don't go for another Septoplasty! and he said that there is no need to use nasal strips while sleeping ( which I don't agree with, they make a huge difference for me). Overall, the doctor was professional though not so friendly or warm. The hospital was big and impressive but very crowded.

Submitted by A. F. R on Friday, Sep 24, 2021