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Submitted by Donya Korkis on Tuesday, Dec 20, 2022

deformed for life

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I went to the this clinic for a bbl and cat eye. Day of the operation I was picked up from my hotel at 6.30am. Finally taken to the operating room at 3pm supposedly waiting for my blood value to be good what was a lie. The doctor was too busy with another patient which I saw on his instagram. Also little time was devoted to me by Dr. Okan. He came quickly signed and had little time to answer my questions. During our last conversation I indicated that my eyes were not cat eye and my hips were not even. The doctor answered that I had to massage so that it would be straightened and if there was anything I could always come back. After 3 months of massaging, my hips were still uneven, still fat on my back and a big dent in my stomach. my eyes haven't changed except for 2 obvious scars. I immediately contacted the team. One forwarded me to the other and in the end I was ignored by the team. Now i have to look for a doctor who is going to correct my body by Dr Okan's mistake

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Terrible expierence, contacted the clinic but they ignore me, liposuction is uneven and i have big differences now that really show. a hole in my nose after rhinoplasty you can see the cartilage bone. big scar on chin and no difference from before. complications after surgery and they made me pay extra every time for everything. patient is not important for them please stay away if you value your life and body

Submitted by Samira Belkhiri on Wednesday, Feb 17, 2021