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Submitted by Consultant on Friday, Feb 23, 2024

Esnan clinic skyland istanbul

Overall Rating

I was extremelyimpressed with the service provided by miss Azuman and Dr Lavert. And all the staff They wer very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend anyone to use this service. From start to finish from flight to geting the treatment was made easy. I could not fault their service as it was of 5star serivce provide. Well done to the team. Thank you.

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Best dental treatment ever

I have done my dental implants and veneers in Esnan dental clinics and the service, hygine, materials and professional team were incredible. I recommend them to everyone I know. Thanks a lot Esnan

Submitted by Mohammad Cheleby on Monday, Jul 17, 2023

Avoid dishonst people

dishonest people, and unethical people.


i wish they had just taken my money and never touched my teeth,

lack of responsiveness,

Submitted by Avoid on Friday, Oct 28, 2022

Cheating at esnan's clinic

My response to the clinics - esnan dental istanbul
They do not take responsibility for work with mistakes.
Asking to fly them at your expense even though they did a poor job.
Mistakes are avoided and you are blamed for damages. My son has broken crowns all over his lower mouth, with ulcers in the implants and infection. Already half a year in treatment in hospitals in Israel.
The clinic is avoiding the agent who sent us with fixed answers that are only responsible if you come at your own expense and fix the flights and hotel.
You will spend all your money on travel there, the service is very bad.
Anyone who wants to contact me, we have a Turkish attorney who collects information from additional patients.

Submitted by Temi Golan on Monday, Sep 05, 2022

Fast to take money shit job

Wouldn't recommend them
No English
No explanation what they doing
Filed down original teeth unnecessary
They just want money
Bout 70 percent ppl don't need the work done they do they do not even say you don't need it which is in my opinion highly unethical
I wouldn't recommend them
They respond to make money literally like luring you in come waiiiittttt then pay up thug like behaviour covertly

Submitted by Noub on Thursday, Sep 01, 2022


My name is mohammed I had my implant done in December I’m really happy with my new smile dr Ahmed did a really good job staff was very friendly also Sahar help me a lot

Submitted by Mohammed Ullah on Tuesday, Apr 05, 2022

Poor customer relations

First went to the clinic for a top bridge in Sept 2020 and within 10 weeks 3 teeth had broke.
Returned and had new bridge fitted June 2021 and one side isn't fitted correctly but 5 year guarantee has run out.
Found some staff to be rude and aggressive.

Submitted by Sarah Pinnock on Monday, Aug 02, 2021