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Submitted by Halil Daroen on Tuesday, Dec 20, 2022

V Good

Overall Rating

Excellent assistance, excellent structure, very friendly staff. An experience that I would definitely do again a thousand times.

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I should have done a better job researching

My gynecomastia surgery went very well and I am happy with the results.
I have a couple concerns with the skin tightening procedure and have reached out to Top Clinic but no one will respond.
The aftercare is utterly abysmal.

Submitted by Stevens on Saturday, Mar 30, 2024

Bad Dental care

I live in New York I went turkey to do my teeth   Oh God I paid a lot of money and broke after 2week then I went back again and the same problem they can’t even take right measure of your mouth then broke again I went to another hospital found out that the teeth are wrong size 

Submitted by Ayman on Friday, Jan 19, 2024

تقيم لتجربتي الشخصية

يعد مستشفى توب كلينك من احسن مصحات التجميل في تركيا انصح بزيارته والاستفادة من خدماته وأريد ان اشكر الطاقم الطبي والاستقبالات والترجمة خاصة السيد احمد وفريق التنسيق السيد حسام الدي بواسطته تعرفت على خدمات المستشفى

Submitted by Loubna on Friday, Dec 23, 2022

تجربتي معي عيادة توب كلينك

عيادة جيدة
1- المصداقية
2- التعامل الجيد
3- الخبرات الموجودة
انصح بهم

Submitted by Yaser on Tuesday, Dec 20, 2022


أشكركم على هذه الخدمة من حيث الخبرة ودقة المواعيد والاهتمام وكما أشكر الاستاذ مؤيد طه على
المتابعة والاهتمام
أتمنى أن أرى نتائج جيدة في المستقبل القريب

Submitted by Tohama on Wednesday, Nov 23, 2022

Just stay away

Top clinic is the worst place to go after they take the deposit they change there prices and your stuck, and you will be charged extra for the shampoo and the plasma ,
I don't recommend worst clinic just stay away

Submitted by Abdulrahman on Friday, Nov 11, 2022

Worst clinic and service

I wish i saw these reviews before cause all they said is true, their customer service before u arrive turkey is amazing but then they treat u like shit, want u to pay everythingg , they took me from 9am to clinic to talk which it was a diff clinic than they sent me before, and all fake, then another hospital which each place was far from it hour snd half, and then another place at the end of the world , for blood test and they bruised my arm and hurt me which says alot, and all in this time i was calling the customer service and the agents i spoke to before and they WOULDNT PICK UP i was lost in the middle of no where till 10 pm and didnt go for the surgey and lost my 500$ deposit

Submitted by Aha on Monday, Jun 06, 2022

Terrible experience!!!

The day of the surgery they picked me 6:45 am. Arrived in the clinic and they made me waiting for 7 h. 2 pm they took me to another place. The surgeryroom turned out to be the changingroom for the staff. people entered in streetclothes and going to the locker. They did not the method DHI I booked and payed for. The cut channels with a scalpel like FUE destroying my ihn hair with the cutting. PRP was not performed although is was payed. Unfortunately I couldn’t stop the procedure in the middle. Back in the hotel the logistic send a message for pick up direct to the airport. I had to ask for aftercare and cleaning. I ask twice to repeat the PRP but I was ignored.
I don’t say they treat everybody like this but it happened to me. So people think twice if you wanna risk to be the next one. There are so many good clinics in Istanbul to choose from Do your research. I can not go into more details because of MEDICAL CONFIDENTIALITY. Top clinic to me wasn’t Top is was a flop.

Submitted by Ub on Monday, Mar 21, 2022

Worest hospital

انا عملت عمليه عندهم وعاوزه احكي تجربتي لان ده مكان للاسف ب اندم اني عملت فيه العمليه مفيش مصداقيه ولا اهتمام ولا دكاتره شاطرين والعمليه كلها باظت والنتائج زي الزفت ولا ف اهتمام غير بس انهم ياخدوا فلوس ويضحكوا ع الناس ويقولك الاسعار غاليه عشان ف اتنين دكاتره بيشتغلوا العمليه سوا ...العمليه باظت وجسمي بقي اسوء م الاول بقالي اربع شهور ب اندم اني رحت عندهم ...منصحش اي حد يعمل عندهم ده من باب الامانه وياريت انا كنت لقيت حد عنده ضمير يكتب عنهم كدا قبل مااروح عندهم.

Submitted by Shyma on Wednesday, Mar 17, 2021