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Clinic Advisor VIP

What is Clinic Advisor VIP?

Clinic advisor VIP is a premium service we provide for those patients who are worried to go abroad for medical travel and prefer the full assistance of the Clinic Advisor’s experts team. Some of the services we provide with this package are listed below, we also take special requests to make sure that the whole experience is tailored specifically to your wishes. 

  • Priority processing of all requests 
  • Assign one of our top medical experts to find the right match for you 
  • Assign a Clinic Advisor to accompany you to the clinic and assist you throughout your medical stay*
  • Coordination with hundreds of high-rated hospitals worldwide
  • Find the only procedures performed by doctors and surgeons themselves.
  • Provide logistical support include transportation, touristic activities, accommodation.

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* This service is only available in certain countries.

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