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A thorough guide into hair transplant in Mexico

A thorough guide into hair transplant in Mexico

Hair Transplant in Mexico

If you are not suffering from hair loss then you are amongst the lucky few who still have their hair where it is supposed to be. 

For so many others the problem of hair loss is not only affecting their outer appearance but the quality of their lives.

According to statistics provided by the American hair loss association, two-thirds of men begin to notice some sort of hair loss by the age of 35 and 85% of men in their fifties will have suffered a notable amount of hair loss. 

Although it is most common in men, women are not immune at all. Forty percent of hair loss sufferers are female and by their fifties, almost 50 percent of women will be facing some sort of hair loss. 

This forces many people to resort to different solutions, including hair transplantation. Many countries around the world are famous for hair transplantation, including Mexico.

How is a hair transplant in Mexico done

In simple words, a hair transplant procedure works by removing some of your hair from the sides or back of your scalp and implanting them directly in the bald areas to grow again. 

All hair transplant techniques are used in Mexico, including the FUT and FUE techniques.

The transplanted hair will then grow with the same characteristics as the original hair, which explains the natural results of the procedure. 

To achieve that, the surgeon makes sure that all the transplanted hairs are taken from bald-resistance areas in the scalp. 

Scientifically, the sides and back of the scalp are the best to get transplanted hair from for the same reason. 

Once the hairs are fully taken, your surgeon applies local anesthesia to the scalp. After that, he will make very small incisions into the bald area and starts placing the hair follicles into them with the same growth angle as the original hair. 

Why get a hair transplant in Mexico?

Medical services including hair transplants in countries like the USA and Canada have always been remarkable with success in terms of quality. 

The fact that the first hair transplant procedure was carried out in New York, USA, has a huge impact on hair loss sufferers. 

However, the very high cost of hair transplants in the USA, Canada, and many other countries makes people think twice and usually end up not going for the procedure-- the thing that Mexican clinics used to their advantage.

Today in USA and Canada, you will have to pay around $8000-$10200 for the treatment while the average cost of a hair transplant in Mexico at the same quality is only $4000. 

This huge variance of about 50% has been one reason why people from all over the world including these two countries always end up choosing Mexico over others. 

The best Hair Transplant in Mexico

To get the best hair transplant experience in Mexico, you need to find the right clinic that has the right doctor in the right place. 

If you go for a hair transplant in Mexico City, you will be able to receive a high-quality procedure at a very affordable cost. 

The same goes for hair transplants in Tijuana, Mexico- the city is close to the USA borders and Americans prefer it to save even more. 

One primary common thing amongst all hair transplant clinics in Mexico is investing in the latest technological innovations and techniques including FUE and FUT. 

Beforehand, however, you need to make your search for the best clinic so you can get your dreams achieved at some good cost. 

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