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Submitted by Adrian on Saturday, Sep 21, 2019

i recommend them

Overall Rating

I am pleased with the results and the clinic runs at high standards. I recommend the clinic for sure...!!

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Stole deposit

Absolute clowns. This is not a place you want to give your money to. 

Made me wait over 12months to get my money back then made up an excuse as to why I couldn’t have my deposit back. All they care about is money they don’t care about people or patients. You’ve been warned!!

Submitted by Nick Lewis on Monday, Sep 11, 2023

Awful Experience at Dr Cinik Clinic

2700 grafts - the result is terrible. Completely regret the experience and total waste of money, not to mention damaging my image.
1) Hair line is too low and in a straight line with no variation.
2) Implanted hair sticks straight up at a 90 degree angle to the scalp due to poor incision and implantation technique.
3) Folliculitis and pain has developed in the hairline area due to the implants being placed in too deep.
4) Many grafts on the hairline are not single grafts but multiple.
5) My donor area is scarred and the hair there cannot be cut too short as it looks like I have large bald patches.

A number of hairdressers and even friends have commented on the poor results.
I raised my concerns with the clinic every month for 6 months but on every occasion was told everything was fine. Over the last couple of months they have just completely ignored me. When I asked to meet Dr. CINIK to discuss the concerns I was told that he was far too busy. So much for the 10 year "guarantee".

Submitted by L Vin on Sunday, Feb 21, 2021

Excelente Servicio

No hay palabras para describir este colectivo desde el Dr Cinik, el equipo de las muchachas, las oficinistas, el transporte, un servicio único se los recomiendo con excelentes resultados

Submitted by Alexander Casabella on Wednesday, Oct 23, 2019