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Submitted by Alex on Thursday, Mar 23, 2023

avoid it

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I went to turkey to see the most unorganised clinic ever.
The translator arrive late and had me fasting the day before the surgery.
During the days there all we did was wait for nothing no reason. The driver picks you up at 6 am to have you waiting till the evening for any kind of interaction with the staff.
Be ready for a surgery for 9h in a room where no one will tell you what is happening or can speak nothing but turkey( the promised translator is just for you to meet the doctor and bye bye)

The best part is when it comes this website shop, forget about if you live in another country because there is a hiden custom charge of around 60 euros for every order.

Ahhh dont let me forget about having cash for the VIP drivers. It will be a guy watching youtube whilst he drives and in the end of the trip will start talking in english but all what he will say will be: - Money money for the driver.

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good spot for restoring hair

Transfer experience was ok. Hospital fancy. I chose them after year reserach from hundreds of surgeons in turkey. Dr balwi was very gentle indeed and translator was very cooperative

Submitted by Rassel on Sunday, Oct 03, 2021