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Hair Transplant in Turkey for Australians

Hair Transplant in Turkey for Australians

People naturally feel safer getting medical treatments in their country rather than going abroad, and Australians are no different.

You may find yourself asking why would I travel thousands of miles to a country I don’t know to get a hair transplant in Turkey. Here’s why:

There are so many factors that push many Australians to opt for a hair transplant in Turkey, such as lower cost, more hair transplant options, the latest methods, and a beautiful country to visit. 

On this page, we cover the most frequent questions we get about hair transplant in Turkey from Australia.

Is it safe for Australians to have a hair transplant in Turkey?

Turkey is a very touristic country. According to the General Manager of  Türkiye Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA) Yalçın Lokmanhekim, in the first half of 2022 alone, Turkey welcomed over 26 million visitors from all over the world. 

This goes to show that it is a country well-equipped to receive and ensure the safety of tourists. 

Regarding the hair transplant surgery itself, as long as you select any of the hospitals/clinics certified by the Turkish ministry of health, you’ll have nothing to worry about in terms of medical risk. 

These clinics abide by the same medical standards you’re used to in Australia and have national and international certifications such as JCI and ISO. 

Hair transplant surgery: Turkey vs Australia

The price difference between hair transplants in Turkey versus Australia is one of the many factors, if not the main one, that encourages Australians to get a hair transplant in Turkey. 

Although you can find qualified surgeons and high-quality medical care in both countries, in Australia it will come at a significantly higher cost. 

Price comparison of hair transplant in Turkey vs Australia

A hair transplant in Australia is charged per hair graft and the cost varies from $5 - $10 Australian Dollars per graft

For example, a 2000-graft hair transplant in Australia can cost between $10,000 - $20,000 which is equivalent to 6700-13,500 American DollarsThe cost will vary based on the location. 

While in Turkey, for the same number of hair grafts, it would cost less than $2950

In addition, Turkish clinics usually provide all-inclusive packages. 

That is to say, the previously mentioned $2950 will most likely include accommodation, ground transportation, blood tests, and other necessary medical services and products.

Cost of hair transplant in Turkey and Australia in Australian Dollars

Number of GraftsPrice range of hair transplant in Turkey - (fixed prices)*Price range of hair transplant in Australia - (per/graft)*
2000 graftsA$2950-A$5540A$10,000-A$20,000
3000 graftsA$2950-A$5540A$15,000-A$30,000
4000 graftsA$2950-A$5540A$20,000-A$40,000
5000 graftsA$2950-A$5540A$25,000-A$50,000

**Prices in Turkey are all-inclusive and don't have a limited number of grafts. 

The maximum number of hair grafts is implanted in a single session, normally within the recommended range of up to 4500 or 5000 grafts. 

While in Australia it only includes the cost of the treatment and GST (taxes) and the total price is based on the cost per graft.

Do Australians need a visa to enter Turkey?

Ordinary and official passport holders from Australia need a visa to enter Turkey. 

Australians who hold an ordinary passport can apply for an electronic visa through the official Turkish government’s website for e-visas and it costs 60 USD (88 AUD).

You can find an updated list of visa fees per country on the official foreign ministry website. For any additional queries regarding the visa process, you can find all the information here.  


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