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Is Hair Transplant in Turkey Painful?

Is Hair Transplant in Turkey Painful?

The idea of pain during any medical procedure can be daunting for a lot of people and a hair transplant is not an exception. 

Let’s face it, who among us does not want to undergo a pain-free operation? We all want that right? 

But the truth is that in every surgical or non-surgical intervention there is a degree of pain or discomfort. 

So, what about a hair transplant? 

Since many people ask if a hair transplant in Turkey is painful or not, in this post, we will answer this question and share some of the advanced ways used in Turkey to relieve the pain. 

Is Hair Transplant in Turkey Painful?

In general, a hair transplant is not a very painful procedure. It is rather a minimally invasive intervention that is associated with some discomfort and slight pain during the numbing phase.

This type of surgery is performed under local anaesthesia without the need to put the patient in a sleep-like state.  

The same goes for hair transplants in Turkey where they use the most advanced techniques of local anaesthesia.  

It is important to note that the degree of pain or discomfort is experienced differently from one person to another. 

While some people describe it as a pain-free procedure, others report that their hair transplant was associated with temporary discomfort and bearable pain. 

The pain or discomfort in a hair transplant is only felt when the anaesthetic drug is administered to the donor area where the hair grafts will be taken from and the areas to be transplanted. 

This means that the scalp is numbed in two stages:

  • The first stage is when anaesthesia is applied on the back of the head before extracting the grafts. 
  • And the second stage of applying the anaesthesia is done before the incisions (channels) are made in the recipient areas. 

What are the types of anaesthesia used for a hair transplant in Turkey?

To minimize the level of pain while administering local anaesthesia, hair transplant clinics in Turkey give their patients different options. 

For patients who cannot withstand even the slightest feeling of pain, the clinic will offer sedation. 

Sedation is a medication given through the IV which helps patients feel relaxed and drowsy. 

Unlike general anaesthesia, patients will be conscious and even if they go into a light sleep they can be easily awakened. 

The other option is needle-free anaesthesia which is good for patients who have a phobia of needles. 

A device known as the "Comfort-In" is used to administer the anaesthetic agents under the skin using high pressure without the use of needles.

Needle-free anaesthesia device

Although, needles are not used this does not mean that it’s completely pain-free. 

In fact, needles are not the only thing that causes pain. But the medications used to numb the scalp cause a burning sensation as well. 

Therefore, we can’t say that by using needle-free anaesthesia there will be no pain whatsoever. But, the pain will be less.


Hair transplant in Turkey is not very painful but thanks to the advanced techniques used by hair transplant clinics, the pain is minimized to ensure that patients get the smoothest experience possible. 

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