DHI vs Sapphire Hair Transplant

DHI vs Sapphire Hair Transplant

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    Most of the time people who are interested in a hair transplant find themselves presented with many options and methods including FUT, FUEDHI, and Sapphire

    But once patients understand the difference between each method they will find out that some are used as a way to harvest the donor area while others are merely used to make recipient sites or place the grafts in these incisions.

    The aim of this article is not to tell you which hair transplant method is best for you but rather will try to clarify the differences between each one and in which stage are they used. 

    So let's start!

    What is a DHI hair transplant?

    DHI or Direct Hair Transplant is an incision and graft implantation technique that utilizes the Choi Implanter Pens to directly implant the hair grafts into the recipient areas without the need for pre-made incisions. 

    It can be used with the FUT or FUE hair transplant procedures to place the extracted hair grafts into the balding areas. 

    What is a Sapphire hair transplant?

    On the other hand, the Sapphire hair transplant is a method used to make the incisions (Channels) in the recipient areas where the hair grafts will be placed. 

    Sapphire is the name of the blades used to create the incisions. These blades are different from steel blades as they are made of synthetic sapphire, not the sapphire gemstones found in nature. 

    Hair transplant specialists can use it with both the FUT or FUE hair transplant. 

    Comparison between DHI vs Sapphire 

    Comparing DHI with Sapphire is more logical than comparing DHI and FUE. The reason for that is that the FUE is basically a graft harvesting method whereas the DHI is a hair graft placement method and the Sapphire is a channel (incision) opening method.

    Both methods can be used with either FUT or FUE hair transplant donor harvesting techniques

    Comparison table in terms of:

    A prolonged procedure
    Relatively shorter 
    Number of Grafts
    Up to 3500 grafts
    Up to 5000 grafts
    Not required (only donor area)
    Required for better results
    7-10 days
    10-14 days
    Most expensive method
    Costs less than DHI
    Team members
    3-4 team members
    2-3 team members

    Pros and Cons of DHI vs Sapphire

    Every method used in hair transplantation procedures has its own advantages and disadvantages. We will share with you the pros and cons of having a hair transplant with either DHI or Sapphire.

    Pros of DHI:

    • It gives more control and allows the doctor to precisely determine the angle of growth. 
    • It enables doctors to implant new hair grafts in between the existing hair without causing damage to the old hair. 
    • The survival rate of hair follicles is high because they stay outside the body for a shorter period. 
    • It can be done without shaving the recipient areas.

    Cons of DHI:

    • The number of grafts is limited and it is better suited for cases with small areas of baldness. 
    • Higher cost since it’s a labor-intensive procedure and requires more team members working with the doctor.

    Pros of Sapphire:

    • The Sapphire blades reserve their sharpness and durability for long periods.
    • Thanks to the V-shaped blades the size of the channels is not too large and perfectly matches the size and structure of the hair grafts. 
    • Due to the smaller size of the channels, the recovery is relatively faster.
    • A good option for people with an allergy to materials made of metal. 
    • Cheaper than the DHI hair transplant.
    • More grafts can be transplanted using this method; therefore, it’s a good choice for cases with wide areas of baldness.

    Cons of Sapphire:

    • Requires full shave.
    • It may not the best option to increase the hair density for areas that have existing hair. 

    Can sapphire and DHI hair transplants be combined?

    In some instances – especially for head hair transplant – DHI and Sapphire can be combined. For example, cases that suffer from hair thinning in some areas of the scalp and at the same time have bald patches, can be treated with a combination of DHI + Sapphire

    You might be wondering why? 

    According to hair transplant doctors at Expert Hair Transplant Clinic, Sapphire can be a good option for cases with large areas of baldness. While DHI is better suited for smaller areas or cases which still have some existing hair. 

    The doctor gives us an elaboration based on the case below where he says: 

    ‘’A combination of DHI and Sapphire would be the best for this case. In the frontal and crown areas we can see that there is no hair growth at all and it requires more hair grafts. Whereas the mid-scalp region still has some existing hair but needs more density.'' 

    ''In such a case the DHI using Choi implanter pens can be used to implant in between the existing hair without causing damage to the surrounding hairs. 

    Hair transplant with DHI method

    And the Sapphire can be used to make incisions in the larger areas of baldness. This combination would yield the best results in terms of density, less damage, and natural appearance.'' 

    Incisions with Sapphire blades

    Which is better DHI or Sapphire?

    There is no single ‘’Best’’ method since both tools are used for different purposes and in different cases. 

    As we mentioned the DHI is a hair graft implantation method whereas the Sapphire is a tool (blade) that doctors use to make incisions

    The best option for an individual may depend on a variety of factors including the patient’s hair loss degree, specific needs, and preferences, as well as their budget.

    In conclusion, both DHI and Sapphire hair transplants are effective ways for restoring hair loss. It is important to consult with an experienced hair transplant specialist to determine the most appropriate method for your individual case.

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