Heva Clinic Reviews

Submitted by Shaun Lee on Tuesday, Feb 13, 2024

Heva for the win

Overall Rating

Heva Clinic really did an amazing job from start to finish of this entire process. Brandon, Amy and Seda are some of the people I can name directly. If you're looking to get a hair transplant done hands down one of the best places to go in the world. The results so far have been fantastic, and it's only been 5 months. Heva for the winnnn!!!

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I flew all the way from Addis Ababa

I flew all the way from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to do hair transplant for my head at Heva Clinic in Istanbul and I say no regret. Their staff is very professional and made me feel very comfortable the whole time. Hotel is amazing and the surgery went smooth and recovery time no too long. Now, after five months, my new hair did start to grow well. I am so happy with my experience at Heva Clinic and I go recommend them to anyone afro men with similar hair to mine.

Submitted by Binyam Bekele on Monday, Feb 20, 2023