Turkeyana clinic Reviews

Submitted by Duchar on Thursday, Dec 28, 2023

Botched procedures & scammed/stole from customer

Overall Rating

SCAM ALERT - Stole, Worst work, instantly failed/broke. Botched dental and hair procedures!!!
1) 3 of the crown/bridges instantly came / broke out. 
2) Paid for Bonding+4 teeth to have root canals.They didn’t do bonding, and only 3 of the 4 teeth a root canal. 
3) Not bonding made it so teeth don’t match in colour. 
4) Paid for 12 crowns+2floating/bridged teeth. Got 4 bridges vs 12 crowns + 2 bridges. 
5) Really bad job & rough. Ruined my teeth & hair is patchy doll like areas. Resulted in emergency remediation work days after procedure. Remaining floating bridge was making bridge lose, other already broken off. Tooth had to be extracted as they created a severe infection. Infection so severe it caused massive bone loss, resulting in antibiotics&bone graft. 
6) Bite so incorrect right side couldn’t touch,left over touched. Causing left canine tooth to break in 3 hours. New left floating bridge broke off in 4 days!
7) Retainer made incorrect, caused gap in middle of front teeth. 

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