Afro Hair Transplant Story: With All The Details

Afro Hair Transplant Story: With All The Details

Afro hair transplants (i.e. African American, African Caribbean, African British, etc.) have characteristic differences compared to Caucasian or Asian hair. This makes it very important that hair transplant clinics have the needed experience and understanding of the such type of hair.

What are the Characteristics of Afro Hair?

Unlike other types of straight hair such as Asian or Caucasian, Afro hair grows in the form of a spring, making the hair more dense and voluminous.

Since the roots are curved, it makes the process of extracting the follicles a little more difficult. This means that the hair follicles take up more space and must be placed in slightly larger and less dense incisions during the afro hair transplant operation.

Which Hair Transplant Technique is Recommended For Patients With Afro/Frizzy Hair?

Hair transplant methods vary as there is no specific approach for Afro hair transplants.

However, hair transplants for Afro hair will be performed using the exact same hair transplant techniques for people with different hair characteristics. 

In general, it is important to understand that Afro hair coils under the skin as well, not just the visible part. This also means that FUE is more difficult to perform on Afro hair, and you need to find a doctor who is experienced with these hair types and who will know how to give them the best results.

Below, we will be sharing with you a story of one of our previous Afro hair transplant patients and what made him consider getting a hair transplant. At the end of the story, we will be showing you some photos and a video before and after his procedure.

So, let's dive right into the STORY!

How did Hair Loss Start with Mr. Omar's Afro Hair?

Mr. Omar is a 35-year-old engineer who had been suffering from hair loss since he turned 18. He has a kinky coarse hair which breaks easily when brushing and styling.

Hair loss started with him by the end of his teenage years. Once he turned 18 years old, he started to notice that his hair started thinning. The thinning was noticeable on the mid-scalp (top of the head). It continued like this for a few years then it moved to the frontal area. 

Normally hair loss pattern in men starts from the hairline moving backwards but with him it was a different case. 

When he was almost 26 years old, he noticed that his hairline was receding making his forehead appear bigger. This affected him more than before because now everyone can easily notice the difference. 

Attempts to Treat Afro Hair Loss 

Mr. Omar kept on looking for ways and treatments to prevent further hair loss and restore the lost hair. He consulted a dermatologist who diagnosed his condition as “male pattern baldness” or “hereditary hair loss”. The doctor prescribed Minoxidil which is a topical treatment in the form of spray or foam. 

Minoxidil is known to be an effective treatment to prevent further hair loss and increase hair density. He used it for one year and a half and it gave him good results. 

As he told us: “Minoxidil was really helpful and it gave me back my hair. I was very happy to see the results. After almost one year and a half I discontinued using it gradually as my doctor recommended”.

Since Minoxidil is not a permanent solution to stop hair loss, there is a possibility that the hair will fall out again when stopping using it. And that’s what happened with Mr. Omar after one year. He again started to see his hair shedding again. 

At this point, he decided to consider his doctor’s recommendation to get a hair transplant. 

Mr. Omar’s Afro Hair Transplant Decision Stage

When we asked Mr. Omar what made him decide to get a hair transplant, he replied:

“Honestly, I have tried different means to treat hair loss from using tablets, to using Minoxidil. I can’t say that none of them worked for me, they actually did especially Minoxidil, but they were not permanent. I reached a point where I wanted a permanent solution to see my hair thick again”. 

“I remember she recommended a hair transplant during a consultation with my doctor; I was not sure this would work with my hair type. But she reassured me that many people did Afro hair transplants and they got impressive results”.

“Hair transplant is not very popular in my country, I looked for a country that is close to me and that was Turkey. Hair transplant in Turkey is very well-known, within my budget and they have experience with different types of hair”.

How did Mr. Omar choose the right Afro-hair transplant clinic in Turkey? 

Mr. Omar says: “Like everyone else who has a hard time choosing a hair transplant clinic in Turkey, I also went through the same thing. It took me around 8 months to finally decide on the clinic I will get my hair transplant”.

He adds: “Finally, I selected Avrupa Hair Transplant Clinic after being in touch with them for a few months. They were very patient with me and answered all my questions in time”.

“My operation was scheduled for April 2016. I arrived in Istanbul late at night and the driver was waiting for me at the airport. He took me to the hospital to get my blood tests done which didn’t take more than 10 minutes. Then he dropped me off at the hotel”.

The Process of Hair Transplant For Afro-Hair Type Patients

Day 1: Operation Day 

The next morning at around 8 a.m. we brought Mr. Omar to the hospital. He met with our hair transplant specialist who diagnosed his condition thoroughly. The specialist also discussed with him that coarse hair is not easy to extract which could affect the total number of grafts that will be implanted. But as an initial estimation, the specialist told him that we will transplant around 3700 grafts.

The operation took almost 8 hours including some breaks. The good thing is that we were able to extract and implant 4050 grafts. This number was enough to cover almost all the thinning areas and restore the hairline.

Day 2: Dressing Removal

Mr. Omar came for a very short and quick follow-up to remove the head dressing.

Day 3: Hair Wash

This is the last day when we washed Mr. Omar’s hair and gave him all the necessary instructions. 

Afro Hair Transplant Before After Results:

Here are some of Mr. Omar’s photos before and 11 months after his hair transplant.

Before Hair Transplant:

1 Month After Hair Transplant: 

11 Months After Hair Transplant:

You can now watch his FULL VIDEO!! 

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