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What Is The Bleeding Internal Hemorrhoids Treatment?

What Is The Bleeding Internal Hemorrhoids Treatment?

Well, for people out there, the hemorrhoids are not going to cause any symptoms at all. But there are times when hemorrhoids can lead to burning, itching, and discomfort and that is also when you have been sitting down.

You may ask what are the options for me if you are looking for bleeding internal hemorrhoids treatment.

Why do hemorrhoids bleed?

Hemorrhoids that are also known as piles are the enlarged veins in the rectum or in the anus. There are two kinds of hemorrhoids. 

  • Internal hemorrhoids that develop in the rectum, and

  • External hemorrhoids can develop around the anal opening that is beneath the skin. 


Both the internal and the external hemorrhoids can become more severe. This means that a blood clot can be formed inside the vein. These hemorrhoids are not extremely dangerous but they can cause a lot of pain and inflammation. 

Well, in some rare cases, thromboses hemorrhoids can also cause some serious rectal bleeding due to the breaking of the surrounding skin. This is going to require immediate medical attention. 

Well, straining or passing a hard stool can at times damage the surface of a hemorrhoid that will cause it to bleed. The bleed from the hemorrhoid is going to look bright red on the piece of paper. 

Well, internal, external, and thrombosed hemorrhoids can bleed. Well, in some cases, the thromboses hemorrhoids can also burst if it is going to become too full. 

Bleeding internal hemorrhoids treatment at home:

The bleeding hemorrhoid is a sign of irritation or damage on the walls of the hemorrhoids. This is going to resolve in its own time and there are several things that you can do at the home in order to speed up the process or soothe any kind of discomfort. 

Also, if there is no clear course of bleeding or if the bleeding is not going away within the week, then you must go and see a doctor. Hemorrhoids can be often self-diagnosed that can be very dangerous. There are many medical conditions that include cancer as well as other inflammatory bowel diseases which can have symptoms that are very similar. 

Well, for these reasons it is very important that you are receiving a proper diagnosis from the doctor. 

If the home treatments are not providing any relief, then there are several surgical treatments that can help with bleeding internal hemorrhoids treatment. Well, most of them can be done in the office and do not need any of the general or local anesthesia. 

Get yourself to a doctor and see if your condition worsens. 

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