4000 Grafts Hair Transplant Story: from A-Z

4000 Grafts Hair Transplant Story: from A-Z

Mahmut is a 35-year-old Program Presenter residing in Istanbul, who underwent a 4000 grafts hair transplant back in 2017. In this post we will be sharing all the details related to his experience before and after the surgery. 

Mahmut’s experience with hair loss started when he was in his 20s. At the early stages, it didn’t cause him any embarrassments or disturbance. But as time went by, hair shedding was rapidly increasing causing visible bald patches in the forelock and temporal areas.

Why a 4000 Grafts Hair Transplant was the Best Option for him?

His profession as a TV and program presenter requires him to look professional and presentable. Constantly working behind the camera, he noticed a huge difference compared to when he first started working as a presenter. Because he realized that his hairline and temples started receding and gradually becoming bald.

As he explained to us: “Hair loss has really affected my psychology and self-image and thus the quality of my career”.

The Quest for the Best Hair Transplant Clinic

Since Mahmut is living in Turkey – the land of hair transplant – he decided to undergo a hair transplant in Istanbul. He was aiming for a hair transplant with 4000 grafts or more to give him the density he desires.

In 2017, his journey began in the quest to find the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey. And it didn’t take him a long time to find it.

By the end of 2017, Mahmut approached us seeking advice to put an end to his suffering with baldness. So, he visited us at Avrupa Hair Transplant clinic and met with the team.

After careful and precise diagnosis, his baldness degree was classified III on the Norwood scale. As an initial assessment the specialist decided to perform a 4000 grafts hair transplant to cover the entire bald area with high density.

4000 Grafts Hair Transplant in Istanbul

Day #1

On the day of the operation Mahmut met with the specialist and they discussed all the related aspects. Before the operation begins all the preparations were done such as hairline design and shaving the hair. The specialist drew a very natural-looking hairline which suits his facial features then the hair was fully shaved. 

Mahmut was taken to the operation room and the first step was numbing the scalp. He said: “I was mostly worried about the pain associated with local anesthesia, but it was all in my head and didn’t feel much pain. It was bearable and lasted for less than 5 minutes”.

He added: “The first couple hours while they were removing the hair follicles were a bit disturbing since you have to be laying on your stomach. Other than that, I really didn’t feel anything because I was sleeping most of the time”. 

The 4000 grafts were distributed thoughtfully, by transplanting single hair follicles into the frontal hairline, to ensure natural appearance and more density.

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Day #2 after The 4000 Grafts Hair Transplant

The next morning, the driver took Mahmut to the clinic to remove the gauze. He was given a black band so he could wear it on his forehead to prevent too much swelling. 

Day #3 

In the third day Mahmut was taken to the clinic again for the last follow-up to wash his head. When he got to the clinic, the nurse applied a lotion cream on both the donor area and the transplanted area. 

Half an hour later, the nurse gently washed his head with a special medical shampoo. And we clearly explained to him how to wash for the next two weeks after the operation.

Mahmut’s Impression of his 4000 Grafts Hair Transplant Results

A year later after his 4000 grafts hair transplant, Mahmut paid us a visit at the clinic and he was very pleased with the results. 

He said: 

“I got the exact outcome I was longing for. I never imagined I could once regain my hair and even better than it was before going bald. Now I feel more confident of how I look in front of the camera and this reflected positively on my performance at work”.

He continued: “I recommend anyone who is having the same problem to go for it and get a hair transplant done. It will really change your life to the better especially if you do it in the right place”. 

Before and After 4000 Grafts Hair Transplant

  • Mahmut in the past and now: 4000 grafts hair transplant before after 

 Mahmut at work presenting news:

 Watch The Experience In a Video:

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