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Coronavirus in Turkey: How Turkey Has Managed to Protect itself?

Coronavirus in Turkey: How Turkey Has Managed to Protect itself?

With the rapid spread of the Coronavirus, people and tourists started asking if the Coronavirus in Turkey has been detected.

One of the top countries affected by the (COVID-19) is Iran. With an estimated number of 7161 cases according to the current statistics by the WHO.

The geographic proximity between Iran and Turkey makes people worried from the spread of this epidemic in Turkey. And ask questions such as “how Turkey has managed to protect itself from the COVID-19?”

In response to these questions, we decided to share the latest updates about the existence of this virus in Turkey. And how Turkey is taking all the safety measures to keep this virus from reaching Turkey.

Are there any cases infected with the Coronavirus in Turkey?

According to the Turkish Minister of Health, Fahrettin Koca, there are no cases detected with Coronavirus in Turkey until now. As he stated in his social media accounts:

‘’Our health system is strong enough to keep the situation under control. No incidents were encountered in our country until today’’.

‘’We are doing our utmost to protect our country from this disease. With the cooperation of our ministries, the guidance of our scientific committee, and our experienced healthcare workers".

The Minister of Health also warned about traveling to other countries especially the infected ones unless it is necessary.

Coronavirus Infected Countries

How did Turkey manage to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus?

Since the breakout of this disease Turkey has taken all the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

First of all, Turkey has canceled all the flights from and to Iran and closed the borders with it. High-level measures were taken by establishing field hospitals at 8 border gates with Iran, Iraq and Georgia.

Moreover, 13,834 citizens who came back from Umrah (Saudi Arabia) underwent a medical examination. 9 people had seasonal flu, and the results of the other 5 who were suspected to be infected were negative.

Are there any travel restrictions to Turkey with the Coronavirus Breakout?

No restrictions have been imposed for international or local people from visiting Turkey. Since the country is doing all the preventive measures and airports are supported with medical equipment.

The Minister of Health said that ‘’medical staff are available 24-hour at all the airports and ports in Turkey. All passengers are screened with thermal cameras and those who show signs of temperature are transferred to medical advisers’’.

Summary: Until this day the 5th of March, the Coronavirus in Turkey has not been encountered. The country is taking all the safety measures to prevent it from reaching to Turkey. All the borders with infected countries have been blocked and International flights to Iran were stopped until further notice. 


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