Posted 29/09/2023

Studying Medicine in Turkiye

Studying Medicine in Turkiye

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    Turkiye, the historic cradle of civilizations and one of the most advanced countries in healthcare offers a compelling destination for foreign students wishing to study medicine.

    In this guide, we provide a comprehensive overview of studying medicine in Turkiye, from admission procedures to graduate study opportunities and the advantages of studying medicine in Turkiye.

    Studying medicine in Turkiye: an overview

    The education system for the field of medicine in Turkiye adheres to European Union standards, ensuring high-quality education and global recognition. In general, the number of years of study for the specialty of human medicine is six years of study, divided into three stages:

    • Basic medical sciences.
    • Clinical sciences.
    • Internal training.

    For people who want to study human medicine in the Turkish language, they must learn the language in the first year, so the total number of years is seven. Upon graduation, graduates are awarded the title of "Doctor of Medicine."

    Admission Requirements for foreign students 

    Applying to medical colleges in Turkiye requires:

    • High school diploma with a minimum average of 90% in public universities.
    • Some additional exams, such as the YÖS exam, which is an admission exam designated for foreign students.
    • Proficiency in the Turkish language is also a prerequisite, and a certificate of proficiency in the Turkish language (TOMER) is usually required.
    • If you apply for a program in English, you will be asked for a TOEFL certificate.
    • In private universities, the acceptance rate is usually about 70%.

    Is studying medicine difficult in Turkiye?

    The difficulty of studying medicine depends on personal commitment and academic flexibility. The specialty of medicine in Turkiye, as in many other countries, is rigorous and requires dedication and continuous learning. However, with strong support systems in Turkish universities, students can successfully overcome these challenges.

    Can you study medicine in Turkiye in English?

    Yes, many Turkish universities offer medicine in English, including Hacettepe University, Marmara University, and private universities such as Medipol Mega University, Koç University, and Sabanci University.

    The Curriculum for Medical Specialization in Turkiye

    The curriculum is a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical training. Key topics include anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, and more, complemented by practical clinical application to enhance practical skills.

    Which universities offer the field of medicine?

    There are many public and private universities that teach medicine. Among them are the following:

    • Hacettepe University in Ankara.
    • Medipol Private University in Istanbul.
    • Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty.
    • Marmara University.
    • Ankara University.
    • Koc University.
    • Yeditepe University.
    • Ege University.
    • Gazi University.

    The best medical universities and colleges in Turkiye

    Among the best medical universities or colleges in Turkiye are the following:

    • Medipol University Istanbul.
    • Hacettepe University.
    • Istanbul Cerrahpaşa University.
    • Koc University.
    • Marmara University.
    • Ege University.
    • Ankara University.

    These universities are known for their high academic standards, research opportunities, experienced faculty, and contributions to medical science.

    The cost of studying medicine in Turkiye

    Tuition fees vary between public and private universities. Tuition fees at private medical colleges for foreigners in Turkiye range from $10,000 to $22,000 per year. While in public universities, annual fees range from 2000 to 4700 US dollars. Scholarships and financial aid can also be provided to some students if they meet the conditions for applying for the scholarships, which reduces the financial burden on foreign students.

    Benefits of studying medicine in Turkiye

    Studying medicine in Turkiye provides a rich academic experience and exposure to a variety of learning opportunities from doctors and professors known for their rich teaching history. Furthermore, immersion in Turkish culture and the country's strategic location between East and West provides an opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

    Postgraduate studies in medicine in Turkiye

    After completing the study period in medicine and obtaining the certificate, students can continue their academic and professional endeavors by specializing in a specific field and pursuing postgraduate studies, such as obtaining a master’s degree and a doctorate. These programs enhance the skills of graduates, making them able to compete globally and obtain better job opportunities.


    Studying medicine in Turkiye offers an exciting and rewarding opportunity for foreign students. With high-quality education, affordable cost of living, cultural richness, and excellent postgraduate opportunities, Turkiye undoubtedly offers a unique experience for future medical professionals.

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