Posted 30/09/2023

Tourism in Turkiye

Tourism in Turkiye

Table of Contents

    Welcome to your comprehensive guide to tourism in Turkiye, which we have prepared to take you on a virtual journey through a land that spans two continents and is steeped in history, culture, and natural beauty.

    If you are planning to visit Turkiye, this guide will help you a lot and list the most important details about the country's tourist cities, tourist attractions, cuisine, and tips before traveling. Tourism in Turkiye is a major aspect of the Turkish economy, inviting visitors from all over the world to explore its unique treasures.

    Turkiye, which is considered a link between the continents of Europe and Asia, is a country full of different aspects of life, providing a unique experience for different types of tourists. You can find a fragrance of history, culture, and amazing natural beauty.

    So, let's start talking about the advantages of traveling to Turkiye and the tourist places you can visit.

    First, why do we advise you to visit Turkiye?

    Turkiye offers a wonderful blend of Eastern and Western cultures, with historical monuments nestled amidst modern cities. Its rich historical background extends over thousands of years, from the Seljuk, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires to the establishment of the modern Turkish Republic.

    It also offers a treasure of architectural marvels and the country's diverse landscapes, from pristine beaches, high green mountains, valleys, and small villages to unique geological formations. We also do not forget the delicious Turkish cuisine, which is sure to please all tastes.

    Tourism seasons in Turkiye

    You can travel to Turkiye throughout the year, but each season has its own unique features. We will show you the activities you can do in Turkiye during the different seasons:

    • Summer: Summer is considered the peak season and starts from June to August, during which Turkiye witnesses the highest influx of tourists from around the world. The weather in summer is hot and ideal for coastal areas such as Antalya, Bodrum, Izmir, and Mersin.
    • Spring and Autumn: The spring season starts from the end of March until May. While the fall season begins from September until November, these times are considered excellent times to visit Turkiye, as the weather is mild and not crowded. During this time it is great to visit Istanbul.
    • Winter: Despite the decrease in tourist numbers, visiting Turkiye in the winter provides different types of activities that can be done. Such as visiting the famous mountain peaks for skiing, such as Mount Uludag in Bursa and Mount Kartepe in Kocaeli. Or you can travel to Cappadocia to enjoy the view of natural mountain chimneys covered with snow, but this does not mean that it is the best season to visit Cappadocia. It is best to visit it in the summer or spring and fall season to enjoy the time and the natural mountain views.

    Main cities and tourist attractions in Turkiye

    Among the most important tourist cities that we advise you to visit during your trip to Turkiye are the following:


    Istanbul is a charming city with a unique location that is unrivaled by anyone in the world. It is the only city in the world that spans the continents of Asia and Europe. Istanbul is an enchanting mix of old and new. When you come to Turkiye, you can enjoy historical landmarks such as palaces, mosques, and castles, and you can also enjoy the natural scenery.

    The most important tourist places in European Istanbul

    Sultanahmet is considered one of the most important places to visit in Istanbul, as there are several historical places that you can visit, such as:

    • The famous Hagia Sophia Mosque.
    • Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed Mosque).
    • Topkapi Palace.
    • Gulhane Park.
    • Basilica cistern.
    • Grand Bazaar (Covered Market).
    • Egyptian market.
    • Sulaymaniyah Mosque.
    • Eminönü.

    From the Sultanahmet area, you can go to the Beyoğlu area, which is located in:

    • Galata Tower.
    • Istiklal Street.
    • Taksim Square.

    Or you can go to the Karakoy area and enjoy its small alleys, restaurants, and cafes. It is important to visit the new Galata Port, which overlooks the Asian side of Istanbul and the Bosphorus Bridge (officially known as the July 15 Martyrs Bridge).

    Along the coast, you can reach the famous and bustling Beşiktaş district. Here you can visit:

    • Dolmabahce Palace.
    • Akaretler Street.
    • Yildiz Park.
    • Naval Museum.
    • Besiktas Square.
    • Ortakoy.
    • Bebek.

    After that, you can visit the Sarıyer area, which is famous for several places:

    • Emirgan Park.
    • Rumeli Castle.
    • Belgrade forests.

    We are not finished yet, as there are still several places you can visit in the European section, and then we will move to the Asian section of Istanbul.

    What remains in the European part is the Sultan Eyup area and neighboring areas. Where you can visit:

    • Sultan Eyup Mosque.
    • Cable car and Pierre Loti Café.
    • Balat district.
    • Miniatürk.

    Don't forget to go to Nişantaşı, one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Istanbul and near Taksim Square. Finally, you can go to the Florya area on the sea coast and visit the famous aquarium (Aqua Florya Akvaryum).

    The most important tourist places in Asian Istanbul

    We now come to the Asian section of Istanbul and the most important places that we advise you to visit:

    The first stop in the Asian section is the Uskudar area, where you can visit several places:

    • Maiden's Tower (Kız Külesi).
    • Beylerbeyi Sarayı Palace.
    • Çamlıca Tepesi.
    • Çamlıca Tower.
    • Çengelköy district.
    • Kuzguncuk district.
    • Kanlıca neighborhood where you can enjoy their famous Kanlica Yogurt.
    • Nakkaştepe Millet Park.

    We are now heading to Beykoz, which is famous for its green views and nature. Among the most important places:

    • Anatolian Castle (Anadolu Hisari).
    • Otağtepe.
    • Polonezköy.
    • Yoros Castle (Yoros Kalesi).

    Other areas you can visit in the Asian section:

    • Kadikoy and Moda Coast.
    • Baghdad Street.
    • Princess Islands.
    • Ağva and Şile.

    Areas near Istanbul

    During your stay in Istanbul, you can arrange a trip to areas near Istanbul that are about two hours away, including:

    • Sapanca and Masukiye
    • Bolu Lake
    • Yalova


    Cappadocia is famous for its natural landscape, mountain chimneys, and ancient cave dwellings. It is a city unlike any other. While in Cappadocia, you can ride hot air balloon flights and watch a magical sunrise or sunset. You can also explore underground cities and cave churches, and it is like stepping back in time.


    Antalya is famous for its picturesque beaches, the old city known as Kaleiçi, and ancient ruins such as Perge and Aspendos. Antalya is a city that combines the beauty of beaches and history. It also has waterfalls such as Duden Waterfalls, Manavgat Waterfalls, and Kursunlu Waterfall.


    When you visit Izmir, you can divide your trip to visit the city first and then head to the coastal areas and its picturesque beaches in the summer.

    Some of the places you can visit while in the city are:

    • Clock tower in Izmir.
    • Historical Elevator.
    • The ancient city of Ephesus.
    • Kadifekale Castle.
    • Izmir Archeology Museum.
    • Alsancak.

    As for coastal areas and beaches, there are several options. Where you can go to:

    • Çeşme.
    • Alaçatı.
    • Foça.
    • Karaburun Peninsula.


    Fethiye is located in the Mugla region in southwestern Turkiye. It is a natural port and is famous for the beauty of its blue waters, and provides stunning beaches and historical and archaeological sites. During your visit to Fethiye, you can visit the following sites:

    • Dead Sea beaches in Fethiye (Ölüdeniz).
    • Butterfly Valley (Kelebkler Vadisi).
    • Gemiler Island (Gemiler Adası).
    • Çalış Plajı Beach.
    • Günlüklü Plajı Beach.
    • Sultan's Aqua City.
    • Ruins of the ancient city of Tlos.
    • The abandoned Greek village of Kayakoy.
    • The Blue Cave in Fethiye (Mavi Mağara).
    • The ancient city of Telmessos (Telmessos Antik Kenti).


    Bodrum belongs to Mugla Province and extends from the southwestern coast of Turkiye to the Aegean Sea. This city is famous for its beachfront resorts, white and blue houses, vibrant nightlife, and historical sites. During your visit to Bodrum, you can go to:

    • Bodrum Castle overlooking the marina.
    • Bodrum's Old Amphitheater (Bodrum Antik Tiyatro).
    • Bodrum Market (Bodrum Çarşısı).
    • Bodrum Maritime Archeology Museum (Bodrum Sualtı Arkeoloji Müzesi).
    • Mausolus at Halicarnassus (Halikarnas Mozolesi).
    • Myndos Gate (Myndos Kapısı).
    • Gümüşlük.
    • Tavşan Adası Island.
    • Bodrum Aquapark.
    • Bodrum's white and blue houses (Bodrum Evleri).
    • Yalıkavalık Marina Bodrum
    • Bodrum beaches such as Gümbet Plajı and Bardakçi Koyu.


    Marmaris is located in Mugla Province in the southwestern region of Turkiye. Known as a popular resort city, Marmaris offers the perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage. During your visit to Marmaris, we advise you to go to:

    • Marmaris Castle.
    • Take a boat tour down the beautiful Dalyan River.
    • Mud baths in Dalyan (Liza Cavus Thermal).
    • Marina Marmaris.
    • Water City in Marmaris.
    • Bazaar Marmaris.
    • Icmeler Beach (İçmeler Plajı).


    Pamukkale, in Turkish, means “Cotton Castle,” which is located in the city of Denizli. It is famous for its natural white limestone terraces filled with thermal water. Considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is a great place to relax and dive in the warm waters. While you're there, don't miss a visit to the ancient Roman health spa at Hierapolis.


    Located along the Black Sea, Trabzon offers a combination of rich history and natural beauty. Some of the most famous places you can visit when coming to Trabzon are:

    • Uzungöl Lake.
    • Visit Sümela Manastırı, which is located on a rocky slope.
    • Hagia Sophia Museum in Trabzon.
    • Hıdırnebi Plateau (Hıdırnebi Yaylası).
    • Trabzon Castle.
    • Ataturk Palace Trabzon.
    • Boztepe.
    • Trabzon Square.


    When you are in Trabzon, we recommend you visit Rize, which is famous for its green tea gardens, which is one of the green wonders in the Black Sea region. You can go to the following places in Rize:

    • Ayder Heights (Ayder Yaylası).
    • Enjoy a walk through lush tea gardens.
    • Ayder mineral baths.
    • Agaran Falls.
    • And visit Rize Castle.
    • Explore the village of Anzer, famous for its honey.

    Accommodation (hotels) in Turkiye

    Finding the perfect place to stay is definitely an essential part of your travel experience! Here are some of the most important and best hotels in the main cities of Turkiye:

    The best hotels in Istanbul

    There are thousands of hotels in Istanbul alone, and these are some of the best hotels in the tourist areas of Istanbul:

    Hotels near Taksim and Sisli

    • Marmara Taksim Hotel, located in Taksim Square.
    • Divan Hotel, which is located a short distance from Taksim Square.
    • Grand Hyatt Hotel, which is located behind Divan Hotel near Taksim Square.
    • Hilton Istanbul Hotel, which is located in the Harbiye area, Sisli, with a view of the Bosphorus Strait.
    • The Ritz-Carlton Hotel is in the Sisli area and is distinguished by its proximity to Taksim and Besiktas.
    • Radisson Blu Pera Hotel is located in the Beyoglu area, near Istiklal Street and Taksim Square.
    • InterContinental Istanbul Hotel, which is a 5-minute walk from Taksim Square.
    • Hilton Istanbul Bomonti in Sisli area.
    • Istanbul Marriott is also located in Sisli area.

    Hotels overlooking the Bosphorus and bridges

    • Four Seasons Istanbul overlooking the Bosphorus.
    • Ciragan Palace Kempinski Hotel is located in the Besiktas area and also overlooks the Bosphorus.
    • Conrad Bosphorus Hotel in Besiktas.
    • Swissotel Bosphorus in Besiktas.
    • Point Barbaros Hotel in Sisli, overlooking the view of the July 15 Martyrs Bridge.
    • Rafflezer Hotel Istanbul, located in the Besiktas area.

    Hotels in the Sultanahmet area

    • Four Seasons Istanbul in Sultanahmet.

    • Sura Hagia Sophia Hotel, which is an 8-minute walk from Hagia Sophia Mosque.
    • Vogue Hotel Supreme is located across from Hagia Sophia Mosque.
    • White House Hotel is 10 minutes away from Hagia Sophia Mosque.
    • Seven Hills Palace and Spa is 10 minutes away from Sultan Ahmed Mosque and overlooks the sea.
    • Hagia Sophia Mansions is located in the middle between the Sultan Ahmed Mosque and the Hagia Sophia Mosque.

    The best hotels in Antalya

    Antalya is distinguished by its hotels and resorts overlooking the sea, and some of the best hotels in Antalya are:

    • Akra Hotel.
    • Rixos Downtown Antalya.
    • Delphin Imperial Hotel Lara.
    • The Land of Legends Kingdom Hotel.
    • Regnum Carya Hotel

    The best hotels in Izmir

    Izmir offers several options for those who want to spend time either in the city center or go to the coastal cities. Among the best hotels in Izmir:

    • Swissotel Grand Efes.
    • Renaissance Izmir Hotel.
    • Mövenpick Hotel Izmir.
    • DoubleTree Hilton Hotel Izmir Alsancak.

    Hotels in the coastal areas of Izmir such as Cesme and Alacati:

    • Alavya Hotel.
    • Imren Han Hotel (İmren han).
    • Viento Hotel Alaçatı.
    • Ilıca Spa and Wellness.

    The best hotels in Bodrum

    Hotels in Bodrum are distinguished by their beautiful sea views and high luxury. Some of the best hotels and resorts in Bodrum include:

    • The Marmara Bodrum Hotel.
    • Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay Bodrum.
    • Mandarin Oriental Bodrum.
    • Swissotel Resort Bodrum Beach.
    • Amanruya Hotel

    The best hotels in Cappadocia

    Hotels in Cappadocia are carved directly into the region's famous "mountain chimneys" and caves, providing a unique experience. Here are the best hotels in Cappadocia:

    • Phocas Cave Suites.
    • Cappadocia Cave Suites.
    • Kelebek Special Cave Hotel.
    • Kayakapi Premium Caves.
    • Yunak Evleri Caves Hotel.

    The best hotels in Trabzon

    Trabzon offers some of the best hotels for foreign tourists. Here are some of the best high-rated hotels in Trabzon:

    • Zorlu Grand Hotel.
    • Novotel Trabzon Hotel.
    • Ramada Plaza Trabzon Hotel.
    • Radisson Blu Hotel Trabzon.
    • Yali Park Hotel.
    • Andalouse Elegant Suite Hotel.

    The best malls in Turkiye

    Turkiye is characterized by the pleasure of shopping, which provides a wonderful experience and a variety of options from international and local brands. You can view the best shopping centers and malls in Turkiye through this comprehensive article, which includes the best shopping centers and malls in various cities of Turkiye, such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Antalya... Click for more details.

    Important tips before coming to Turkiye

    To ensure a smooth trip while tourism in Turkiye, keep in mind the following:

    • Visa requirements: Many nationalities can obtain an e-visa on arrival. Some nationalities need to apply through the Turkish embassy in the country in which they reside. We advise you before booking tickets to always check the travel conditions and obtain a Turkish visa.
    • Currency Information: The official currency is the Turkish Lira (TRY). Credit cards are widely accepted, but it's always a good idea to splash out some cash, especially in non-tourist areas and some local markets.
    • Safety guidelines: Turkiye is generally safe, but as with any destination, you should apply some precautions such as not carrying large sums of money in crowded places and keeping a copy of your important documents such as your passport.
    • Health Considerations: There are no specific vaccines required for Turkiye unless you are coming from an area affected by certain epidemics. It is recommended that you have travel health insurance for some medical emergencies.
    • Language: While Turkish is the official language, English is used specifically in tourist areas. It is also useful to learn some basic Turkish phrases in case you have a hard time dealing with the locals.
    • Transportation: Turkiye has an extensive and efficient public transportation system. From buses, metro lines, trams, and ferries in Istanbul to minibusses (dolmuş) that connect towns and cities. This facilitates the transportation process, especially in crowded cities such as Istanbul.
    • Local SIM card and communication: You can purchase a local SIM card from one of the well-known phone stores or telecommunications stores such as Turkcell, Türk Telekom, or Vodafone upon presenting your passport. The cost of a SIM card ranges between 700 and 1,000 Turkish liras, depending on the company.

    Medical tourism in Turkiye

    If you come to Turkiye for the purpose of tourism in order to spend the summer or winter vacation, you can take advantage of the opportunity to obtain some medical or cosmetic services or to enhance your mental and physical health. This is what is known as medical tourism in Turkiye. You can find out more information about the advantages of medical tourism in Turkiye in this article.


    Turkiye, with its diverse historical monuments and landscapes, is rich in historical monuments and culture. No matter how much you travel to Turkiye, you will not be able to discover all its secrets in one trip, and you may want to come again to discover new places. Turkiye offers a mix of activities, whether for lovers of history or culture, those wishing to spend a summer vacation, or fans of winter sports such as skiing.

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